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Sometimes this world and the life experiences it presents along the way creates incredible people who consistently do things for this world to make it better. Those people just continually outdo themselves and make the lives of their loved ones, friends, and families more joyful and full of sparks of light…and that’s where I introduce […]

Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in Maine Wedding: Erin + Logan

Prout’s Neck in Scarborough Maine is a unique community sitting on a little piece of land jutting out over the ocean, and once you’re there, you feel like it’s almost its own island. It’s a spot where families have lived for generations, everyone knows everyone driving through, there was a long-running tradition of weekly hangouts […]

Prout’s Neck Maine Wedding in Scarborough

Laura is a kindhearted person whose strength, poise, and grace couples perfectly with her fastidious desire to correct social injustices and stand up for the rights of others. Her husband, Rodrigo, mirrors Laura with his gentle heart, intelligence, and care which makes them an enigmatic lawyer/doctor duo who are definitely going to do so much […]

York Golf and Tennis Club Wedding for Laura + Rodrigo

If you look up what it means to have two people light up when they see each other, I vote that a picture of Krista and Johnny should sit alongside the definition. I have a hard time thinking of a moment when together that they weren’t positively beaming at their Stage Neck Inn wedding in […]

Stage Neck Inn in York Maine Wedding for Krista + Johnny

It was one of the hottest wedding days I have ever experienced and thankfully I started hydrating the night before because hooo doggy, this was a roasty one! You may remember Becky + Torin from their engagement session at a place up in the NH White Mountains that I found for them which sites in […]

Cunningham Farm Wedding in New Gloucester Maine

Sheridan and Kyle married one another on one of the last super nice weeks before the heat wave settled into the Northeast. Their wedding featured spectacular views of the ocean at Southern Maine Community College, bright blue skies, warm sun, and Willard Beach to run around on after they were wed. I met the two […]

Southern Maine Community College Summer Wedding on the Water



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