I know you’re nervous about being in front of a camera but I promise almost all of my couples felt the same way - yet in the end I always heard how much they enjoyed our time together! My superpowers will help put you at ease, I just know it.

I’m looking for wind in your hair, a little bit of a dirty hem on your wedding day attire, and times you're so wrapped up in the moments that you forget I'm even there. I'm all about natural interactions and I know just the way to get them. 

My photography is cinematic, vibrant, and full of adventurous places and people. I’m inspired by the great outdoors and wildly in love couples who’ve chosen to celebrate with relaxed, fun, and meaningful celebrations.   

I love to explore the beautiful place you’ve chosen so we’ll wade through the tall grass, walk the edge of a rocky coastline, or stand at the top of windswept mountains while I capture the unscripted emotions that come along for the ride. 

If you bring the excitement and the joy; the romance and the vulnerable - I’ll take care of the rest.  

Each wedding is unique and we’ll create a collection built specifically for you so you get all the coverage you need and aren't paying for anything unnecessary. 

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To make sure my couples get all the attention they deserve, I take on a limited number of weddings each season - if you want to see if I still have your date open, send me a message and tell me a little bit about your upcoming celebration!


I undoubtedly believe the universe conspires to bring your soulmate to you. There’s a magnetism that pulls when you find the person who’s the sensitive to your brazen, and you’re the calm to their storm. When they're the loud to your soft-spoken, and you’re the compassion to their courage.

It’s electrifying and unrelenting – you’ve found the one.

You've realized you don’t want heavily posed wedding photos, you want the raw and the real; the laughter and the tears. You want to look at your  images 30 years later and still remember the wavering sound of your best friend’s voice as she held back tears during her toast, what the grass felt like beneath your feet when you kicked off your shoes, and how the cool evening air brushed against your skin as you ran to take in the last bits of daylight on the day you married your love.

You don’t want to just see the day; you want to be able to relive it.

You never want to lose hold of the moments and emotions, or forget what the youth in the radiant faces of those you love looked like. They're moments you can’t replicate, moments that are otherwise fleeting.

 And I can capture them for you so they’re impossible to leave behind.

If you bring the excitement and the joy; the romance and the vulnerable - I’ll take care of the rest.

My photos will transport you through space and time to this exact point in your life when everything was just beginning. When the ring around your finger was brand new and it had yet to leave its gentle imprint on your skin.

You have a story to tell and I wholeheartedly believe it’s an important one that deserves to be captured in the most honest, real, and genuine way possible.  I can do that for you.

A little about my PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE

"I can't stop talking about how wonderful it was to have Sarah as our photographer. She has this amazing, fun-loving and caring personality that's exactly the kind of person you want in the trenches on your wedding day."

Mel + Matt

"My husband & I completely fell in love with Sarah! First and foremost Sarah’s photos are absolutely incredible!!! She came in like a member of our family, put us at ease immediately and spoke our language of warmth, humor and love right away. I felt like my best friend was behind the camera. Sarah lifted me up, cheered me on and gave me all the good vibes I didn’t know I needed!"

Paula + Marc

"Sarah was a calming presence throughout the day and got gorgeous shots while making us feel relaxed and encouraging us to have fun. We felt like she was just another friend at the wedding (with an insane talent for photography). Our photos definitely aren't your average posed photos and instead are more in-the-moment snapshots that help us relive all the emotion, love and joy of the day."

Brianna + jarid

"Sarah is so organized, professional, thoughtful, kind, funny & talented. She was always available for communication, had everything organized leading up to the wedding, and on the day, she & Oscar were true gems. They were fun to be around but also somehow somewhat invisible. I look at the photos and think - how did they get that angle?! We loved working with them. Thank you both so much!"

Ali + Bryan

"I truly cannot say enough nice things about Sarah. I first met Sarah at our engagement shoot and I could not wait to see her again during our wedding. She does amazing work and is absolutely fabulous at making someone who hates photos (me) feel comfortable and confident."

sage + Colin

"I can't even begin to describe how much I loved working with Sarah. It's not often you get someone who is so talented on the creative side but is also extremely skilled in running their business and I owe the day running so smoothly to her.

Throughout my entire wedding process I continually said to my husband, she is worth every penny we pay her, and I stand by that now. 

This is one impressive woman and I hope  you're so lucky as to get to work with her!"

jess + jared

"My fiance and I are shy people and I get easily anxious when photographed. However, Sarah's easygoing and friendly demeanor helped us to open up. Our private photoshoot with just my husband and I was actually my favorite part of our day! 

Our photos were everything I dreamed of and more! I have never felt I looked so happy and beautiful."


"Sarah is crazy talented, professional, thoughtful and so helpful. She gave us (and our families) breathtaking, intimate photos to look back on and remember our day. We are so happy we made the decision to work with her and can't recommend her enough!"

BRean + Joe

"Aside from Sarah and Oscar being wonderful people, they're also incredibly talented. I'm probably partial, but I've never seen photos that captured all the beautiful, loving, and sometimes messy moments that go along with a wedding like the ones Sarah and Oscar gave us."

Jordan + Don

"Sarah climbed over rocks and into the ocean to take the most spectacular pictures we have ever seen - you can literally feel the emotions of our special day through her photos! Her fun and adventurous spirit and infectious laugh made our ceremony and photo shoot even more special."

Heather + Barry

"Sarah and her husband Oscar were perfect on our wedding day. We genuinely enjoyed hanging out with them. My husband actually says that his favorite part of our wedding day was doing a photos with Sarah and Oscar down along the water (yes, really)!"

chelsae + drew

"She seamlessly integrated into our day, capturing the absolute best moments. Our family and friends were blown away by the pictures. She was quick on her feet, and willing to get down (like, in a stream, under a bridge down) and dirty whenever inspiration struck. We are in love with our photos, and with Sarah."

Pam + John

"We hired Sarah for our elopement - she sincerely wanted to get to know us and hear our love story and was as excited about our marriage as we were! She makes you feel like you're the only couple she's working with and is incredibly professional yet easy going and fun. Our photos came out beautifully and I couldn't be happier!"

Amber + Dimitri

"I knew when I saw Sarah's page that this was the photographer for me. The photos are so warm and joyful - I wanted a unique and cozy shot like that of my husband and I! That being said, I had low expectations because I'm not the most photogenic woman in the world, but I was totally floored by the photographs. I never thought, in my highest expectations, they would turn out this well! I love love love these photographs."

ps: she is totally photogenic!


"The pictures she captured were pure gold, and she somehow managed to tell the whole story of our wedding perfectly. Based on our experience leading up to the wedding, the fun that we had with her on our wedding day, and the superb product that she turned out for us, we would suggest you look no further!"

Kellie + jason

"To say the photos are stunning is an understatement.  Whether they're superhuman or trained ninjas, I don't know, but some of the pictures make me wonder how they managed to be everywhere, or how they were right next to me and I didn't even know it; they captured so many amazing moments!"

Brianna + joe

"Sarah was a rare find - we were SO happy with her as our photographer! She made the experience stress-free and fun, and was incredibly flexible to accommodate our unique needs. I'd hire her and again and again - she's truly amazing!!"

ANNA + jefferson

"Sarah's easy going personality helped everyone feel relaxed and she captured AMAZING shots! Everyone was impressed by Sarah's work and personality and we couldn't be happier. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND her - especially for those seeking a photographer who can capture the outdoors beautifully."

Jenn + pete

"Sarah was such a wonderful part of our wedding experience! She braved the rain and wind as a photojournalist would but has the eye of an artist and captured the wonderful stormy, foggy, brumous day we had for our elopement. We HIGHLY recommend Sarah for any of your special event photography."

tara + Dan

"Sarah was truly wonderful to work with, start to finish, and we ended up with the most amazing heartfelt images and were blown away at the quality. They truly make us feel like we are reliving our day when we look at them. Thank you for being fun, awesome people who kept us feeling at ease."

ALLIe + Kevin

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49 Time Award Winner in the Wedding Photojournalist Association's International Contests  //  Placed #52 in the World for Wedding Photojournalists //  Award Winning Member of International Society of Wedding Photographers //  Top 100 Artistic Guild Wedding Photographer in the World // Summit & Ascent Award Winner from SLR Lounge  // Couple's Choice Award Winner