Prout’s Neck Maine Wedding in Scarborough

Prout’s Neck in Scarborough Maine is a unique community sitting on a little piece of land jutting out over the ocean, and once you’re there, you feel like it’s almost its own island.

It’s a spot where families have lived for generations, everyone knows everyone driving through, there was a long-running tradition of weekly hangouts at the tiny yacht club with just the locals, and since it’s nearly impossible to find a parking spot if you don’t own property there, they essentially have a beautiful cliff walk, bird sanctuary and the beaches all to themselves.

Needless to say, finding a way into this community is nearly impossible unless you’re one of the very few that has a history there like Trilbey and her family have.

She grew up summering in Prout’s Neck Maine with the ocean at her feet and fields to run through – fields that are now houses. People walking around the community in the evening who weren’t even at the wedding remembered her and the time she spent growing up! It’s like a secret tucked away part of Maine, that sits just mere minutes from the big city of Portland but couldn’t feel further away from the rest of Maine if it tried.

Deciding to have their wedding on the hillside of the Prout’s Neck Yacht Club (which is just a small building, a beautiful hillside and a long dock out into the Atlantic) and a reception at the Prout’s Neck Country Club was an easy decision she and her husband, Chris, made. They got ready at family friend’s homes they’ve known for decades where there was always a view of the ocean from one room or another, they had their first look in the bird sanctuary among the moss-covered trees, and even ventured to a secret path to the rocks for pictures.

Many of their family and friends traveled great distances to join them for the day, and they too got to see just what makes Maine uniquely Maine which included great summer weather, bright blue skies, and a touch of feeling like you’ve transplanted to a different time in the best way possible.

Trilbey had a wonderful wedding day style with a dress that was stunning and a pair of custom embroidered Chuck Taylors that allowed her to easily climb around out on the rocks as well as spin around the dance floor with her dad and her new husband.

Trilbey and Chris, I hope the day was just what you needed to start off your married life and I wish you all the best!

Prout’s Neck Wedding Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Ceremony: Prout’s Neck Yacht Club
Reception: Prout’s Neck Country Club
Coordinator: The Maine Events
DJ: Vinyl Tap
Dress: Needle & Thread
Flowers: Fresh Pickins
Catering: Applecroft
Hair & Makeup: Artisan Hair Studio

The bride gets her hair done on her wedding day

The bride and her maid of honor get their first look at the wedding dress on the day

Wedding day customized Converse for the bride on her day

Family heirlooms for the bride to carry with her

Bride puts on her customized Converse as her wedding day shoes

The bride's friends get excited to see their friend ready for the wedding day

Map of the wedding location in Prout's Neck Maine

The groom gets ready and his best man eyes what's in his hands

The groom gets a laugh with his friends

The groom gets his tie all figured out

Pinning the boutonnieres on the groom is a difficult task

The bride and groom hug one another at their first look on Prout's Neck Maine

Bride smiles at the groom in the woods of Scarborough Maine

The wedding day ceremony at Prout's Neck Yacht Club in Maine

The bride smiles during the wedding ceremony on the ocean in Prout's Neck Maine

The newlyweds come back up the wedding aisle

The bride and groom out on the rocks on Prout's Neck Maine

The bride and groom out on the rocks on Prout's Neck Maine

Husband and wife share a moment on the rocky cliff walk in Maine

Big smile from the groom out on Prout's Neck Maine

Bride and groom laugh as they spend time out on the rocks in Prout's Neck Maine

A kiss on the cliff walk in Scarborough Maine

Slow dancing out on the rocks in Scarborough Maine

Bride and groom walk among the rocks in Maine

A forest walk out on Prout's Neck with the bride and groom

Father of the bride and his daughter dance at Prout's Neck Country Club Maine

Newlyweds listen to a toast at their wedding reception

Newlyweds listen to a toast at their wedding reception

Maid of honor smiles at the couple during her toast

Prout's Neck Country Club lit up at night for the Maine wedding reception

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