Philadelphia Wedding Photography Awards

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to do some blog posts on winning images from my favorite, the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) which awards raw and real wedding day images taken in a photojournalist manner! I guess when you’ve committed to writing a little ditty about the behind the scenes of images, you can fall out of pace with it but I’m gonna try to rectify that!

This time I’m combining two different award periods into one post because all of the images are from the same wedding, so why not? This wedding was actually the last wedding I photographed before the big ole pandemic struck as it took place in February 2020 (yes, it HAS been that long since I posted about these awards, tikes) so it was the last wedding where I felt ok getting super close to couples and was the last wedding where I spent time indoors with couples without masks. WILD.

Their wedding was a great day with some big emotions and even bigger personalities at the helm so it’s no surprise that once it was time to cut loose at the reception I was able to get some photography gold!

For the toasts, there was some amazing toast fodder with stories of Katelyn initially being ghosted for a couple of years from Tyler (shaaaaame on you!) but it was the GIANT cardboard cut-out of Katelyn’s grade school photo that was put on full display that REALLY got everyone going and brought out some massive laughs from both of them.

When I saw the laughter was causing those full body quaking, hands clapping, faces hurting from smiling laughter I moved in close to really capture the moment and wound up with a great shot of the pair basically mirroring each other in hysterics! Along with the rest of the guests, they were rolling in laughter and maybe even shed a tear or two. I love a good toast!

And then the other two, well they’re pretty self-explanatory with the dance floor going into full swing so arms are draped around each other and songs are being screamed at the top of their lungs – and clearly, a Dirty Dancing lift happening too – the guests were ready to party with each other and celebrate the newlyweds at their Philadelphia wedding day!

A massive thank you to WPJA for the awards, if you’d like to see more of my awarded images, head on over to HERE, and if you’d like to see the rest of my favorites from Katelyn and Tyler’s wedding day, head on over HERE to check those out!

Award Winning Image from a Philadelphia wedding where the couple laugh at a toast

Award Winning Image from a Philadelphia wedding where the guests are partying at the reception

Award Winning Image from a Philadelphia wedding where the guests are partying at the reception

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