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When your couple tells you that they aren’t interested in cake cutting – in fact, they’re so uninterested in doing a cake cutting that what they’re going to do is have a cake piñata and they are going to smash the shit out of it – you’re so pumped for what’s about to go down! […]

Kitz Farm Piñata Smash Wedding Photo Wins Award in WPJA!

Some photographers feel at home in the ritz and glitz of a fancy hotel or venue. They thrive in the atmosphere of lush and they love the comfort of a room with all of the tailoring’s to make every angle be crisp and clean. And while I don’t mind working in those spaces and certainly […]

Lee, New Hampshire Gold Wedding Photojournalism Award

Another wedding photojournalism award from WPJA! This is for the 2019 contest lucky number 13 and it’s a photo from Megan + Michael’s northern Maine wedding day and although it doesn’t feature either Megan or Michael, it does feature two other very important members of their family: the couple’s son and Megan’s father. Kids on […]

Award Winning Image from Rangely Maine Wedding!

I pride myself on being able to get moment photos where a story can be told in an image, one that summarises a feeling or experience quickly and universally. They tend to be the ones that get you in the gut because you can feel the tears or they instantly make you laugh because you […]

Jackson New Hampshire Elopement Artistic Guild Award

The amount of time I have on a wedding day for photos with the couple varies from having an abundance of time to sometimes having very little. That can be due to weather, timeline crunches or a simple change in plans – so while I prefer to have lots and lots of time with each […]

Award Winning Image from a Maine Wedding in the Mountains

Guys, I am behind on blogging awards and since I am feeling really hopeful about the future of the country going forward I decided what better time to celebrate some personal wins! It’s been a massively draining wedding season with so much up in the air, so many changes, so many worries, and so many […]

Award Winning Image from Cranberry Island Near Acadia



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