Stevens Coolidge Place Wedding Photography Award

It was HOT on their wedding day. HOT HOT HOT. And it was early in the pandemic, summer of 2020 to be exact.

Lori + Brian were ready to be married and instead of fully canceling the celebration they’d planned for the Vermont wilderness, they pivoted and decided for a small backyard wedding where chairs were distantly set up, a friend manned the camera to livestream, and masks and hand sanitizer were aplenty.

But that heat! Whew! We went to the nearby Stevens Coolidge Place for the first look in the gardens and after a cheerful greeting among the flowers, the two retreated to the shade to exchange cards and attempt to cool off for a brief moment before we walked the gardens for photos.

Just as Brian was wiping his brow and Lori fanned herself I snapped the camera and captured this little sidebar story for their day and as a result I snagged a gold award for the image!

Thank you to the WPJA for recognizing my work yet again, it’s always an honor! If you’d like to see the rest of the awards I’ve won, please visit the WPJA here and if you want to see more images from Lori + Brian’s wedding day, you can do that here.

Brian wipes his brow and Lori fans herself in the pandemic summer heat at their intimate wedding day in Andover Massachusetts

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