Kancamagus Highway White Mountains Elopement for Heya + Oscar

Photographing elopements on the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire isn’t new to me, but the way Heya and Oscar did it was so unique that it felt like an entirely new experience capturing their day!

The two of them wanted to book a full day of photography with it only being the three of us all afternoon. I wasn’t sure how they’d fill the six hours of time and was concerned they’d feel overwhelmed going to various beautiful spots and simply take portraits, so I encouraged them to come up with “down time” parts of the afternoon too.

When contemplating what to do during the down time, I suggested they think about their relationship and what they enjoy doing together so they could incorporate those parts of their everyday life into this special day of theirs.

I told them that an elopement, especially one without any guests, truly is all about you two and not having to fit anyone’s expectations or restrictions so it makes sense to go all in. And boy did they ever!

First, they came up with the most absolutely unique ceremony that I have ever ever ever witnessed. It brought in the fact that they are both postdoctoral researchers in biological sciences and they essentially did a doctorate defense as to why after all of their independent research it made sense they would make excellent candidates for marrying one another. Complete with graphs!

It was the coolest thing! I loved every moment of it and found myself laughing right along with them when they would break from the mock seriousness of it all.

Then it was a break for lunch at a picnic bench facing the cliff they’d just cemented their vows to one another. But this wasn’t any ole picnic, they actually prepared and cooked food with a mini power supply. And I was not only photographing the lunch, they specifically made and cooked vegetarian dumplings for me to eat alongside them too – whaaaat?!

The food was so delicious that I now order vegetarian dumplings whenever I can (even picked up a package of some frozen ones at Trader Joe’s) because I’ve been trying to recreate how good the ones were that they made.

After pictures and running around on the beach, we went to a few more stops along the Kancamangus Highway where they cut a cake (also brought me my own plate and utensils so I could enjoy alongside them!), climbed on the rocks, and colored in a special output of data that had to do with their names and predicting what the outcome would look like. I wish I could explain that last part better but it was outside of my little brain’s understanding haha!

Finally, they ended at a brewery for a celebratory flight to toast the day with.

Add on top of everything that this was the second week of October up in the White Mountains which can get absolutely packed so I was concerned how they’d feel being in some of these really scenic places with others close to them watching what was going on – but they didn’t care at all. They never stopped being 100% authentic to who they are, didn’t mind anyone watching them and understood that sometimes there would be no way to escape all the people.

Honestly, it was incredible and any of my worries about them feeling like 6 hours with just me was going to be overwhelming were absolutely dashed. They kept saying to me, “what we’re going to do is nerdy, I hope that’s ok” and I’d tell them that I was having so much fun and nothing felt weird at all to me. I expressed just how much their activities were inspiring and fun to photograph and hoped that future couples seeing these photos would be encouraged to make their elopement finely tuned to them too.

Heya + Oscar, thank you for being YOU and showing me just how cool you two are, your day was nothing short of phenomenal. I am utterly grateful that you found me, worked around my crazy fall schedule and picked a weekday so I could photograph your day, and how you’ll show others that elopements can really be anything and everything you make it. Congratulations to you both!

Kancamagus Highway Elopement Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Wedding Dress: Marianne’s Bridal Outlet
Suit: Rocco’s Gentlemen Clothing
Flowers: Designed Gardens Flower Studio
Hair + Makeup: Debony Salon

Bride and groom take a moment for a selfie on their New Hampshire Elopement

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