Alyson’s Orchard New Hampshire White Mountain Wedding for Anni + Taber

Anni + Taber were referred to me by the kindest of couples whose wedding was an absolute dream and both days were similar in the greatest ways. While you have things like rain on both days and deep greens of the wedding day grounds, you also have things that are very unique to these four people like their grace, deep romantic love, a tight hold on what matters most, and people who are beautiful in every corner of their being.

Taber was the best man in Caitlin + Sam’s wedding and the favor was returned with Sam being the best man in his wedding to Anni at Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, New Hampshire. One of the many things I vividly remember from Caitlin + Sam’s wedding were the speeches from those closest to the couple and when Taber spoke his vows to Anni it was just as beautiful!

One key piece to their wedding day that I had yet to experience before was that Anni was almost head to toe in vintage family heirlooms from her grandmother’s dress and headpiece to the jewelry and the clutch she carried. Each item was not only steeped in history, but it was also stunning stunning stunning and had a story behind their importance to the family.

And try as everyone might on wedding days, there are always going to be hiccups and things that don’t go as planned and while the two of them dreamt of marrying in front of the pond with the tall trees providing shade and the orchard at their back, the rainy July had other plans. The grass was soaked through that would have made for a muddy affair for their loved ones so they were bummed to move indoors, but that didn’t overpower their excitement for the day at all.

Then we have the soft fabric-covered buttons down the back of Anni’s dress that have been cared for for decades but when one popped off just as they were buttoning her in and had to sewn on by her mom and sister – yet Anni took that in stride too! She was concerned for the dress and the time it may take to get it secured again, but they got it back on perfectly and I was allowed more time to photograph each of the moments as they happened with space in between – all in the most beautiful light that I love on a wedding day.

And a funny thing about me? I love hands and I love love LOVE graceful and strong hands like Anni’s. Everything from the way she held herself on the day to the way she clasped her hands while she awaited a sewing needle and string was fun to capture. (Side note: my best friend Kate and I always show each other our blogs before releasing them to the wild to help one another pare down to the best of the best and I had SO MANY hand photos that I forewarned her about and asked for help in picking the best ha!)

Anni + Taber had no concerns going out to the edges of Alyson’s Orchard even in the damp weather and the two of them spun among the trees to prepare for spinning one another around for their first dance. Like their friends Caitlin + Sam, they are gentle and reserved and still ready to laugh (*cough* especially when little kids are being little kids *cough* see image below!) and enjoy those gathered for their day.

I loved photographing your day Anni + Taber and I know the two of you have a beautiful life ahead. Congratulations and I wish you two all of the best!

Ceremony + Reception: Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, New Hampshire
Alyson’s Orchard Wedding Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Officiant: Rev. Ed Hoener
Dress: Vintage family heirloom
Suit: Miller Bro.’s Keene, NH
Catering: Hillside Organic Catering
DJ: Peak Entertainment

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