Award Winning Image from Rangely Maine Wedding!

Another wedding photojournalism award from WPJA! This is for the 2019 contest lucky number 13 and it’s a photo from Megan + Michael’s northern Maine wedding day and although it doesn’t feature either Megan or Michael, it does feature two other very important members of their family: the couple’s son and Megan’s father.

Kids on a wedding day are one of the pieces that are unknowns because just like the weather, you never can fully predict how they are going to be on any given day! And because kids wear their feelings right on their sleeves, their range of emotions can make for some interesting photos!

The couple’s little boy had just been awoken from an afternoon nap in the house the family rented right on the lakes of Rangely Maine and after a few days in a row of parties, traveling and interacting with tons of new faces – he was understandably pooped. The lure of the bed was far more interesting than putting on a suit and having some lady photograph him while trying to make sense of everything going on.

I loved his expressions this day, from distaste of bridesmaids trying to smoosh him into selfies with them to wondering what the hell he was listening to on the dance floor later that night under the stars – he was full of reactions, a few tears, and a lot of (awesomely) judging eyes.

When I saw Megan’s dad and him hanging out together calmly getting all ready for the day while bridesmaids, hair and makeup artists, and family bustled around them, I was instantly drawn in.

And boy did he track my every move. I could almost hear his inner monologue of, “Whyyyy in the world does this lady seem so interested in me putting my shoes on? And who is she again….?” as his grandfather wiped his dusty kid feet and got those snazzy shoes on.

This was one of those moments that would be treasured by everyone in the family for years to come and would help tell the story of the wedding day through the experiences of this loving family.

And that right there? That’s the good stuff in my mind.

Telling stories of the people in the inner circle of the couple, capturing small moments that will surely mean so much as time passes, and just letting people be who they are in the moment – judging eyes and all :)

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Thank you once again to WPJA for recognizing my work and awarding me for this image! I love being a part of this insane list of talented wedding photographers.

If you’re interested, feel free to take a look at my full profile on WPJA to see the rest of my award-winning wedding images by heading HERE!

Maine Wedding Photographer wins award for grandpa putting on his grandson's shoes

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