Jackson New Hampshire Elopement in Winter White Mountains: Chantelle + Alex

Before the world fell completely into one of the strangest times in history (if you’re reading this in the future, look up “coronavirus”) – I photographed the best Jackson New Hampshire elopement up in the White Mountains for Chantelle + Alex.

Chantelle + Alex contacted me quite a while ago with their plans of eloping on Leap Day and although they were unsure of the exact location for their vows, they knew that the snowcapped mountains of Jackson NH were what they wanted for the backdrop. Initial ideas included a small historic town hall and we all dreamed of snow dripped trees and white lined rooftops – but what they ended up landing on was even more incredible.

We met up at the White Mountain Hotel where they were to be staying the night with windows overlooking the ski resort in the background and as it tends to happen on wedding days, there was a little delay in getting everyone all set and ready to roll. So Alex and I spent some time together where he got to read his card from Chantelle and get his scarf all fancily tied and ready to go.

At the last moment, Alex remembered he’d left something in his room so as he ran out to grab it, I got word that Chantelle was on the other side of the lobby waiting to begin the first look. In sheer panic that they’d bump into one another as he came back from his room, I ran over and as soon as Chantelle saw me she got SO INCREDIBLY CUTE-LY EXCITED to see me and I was all, “Quick, run over here so I can hide you in the stairwell!” I then proceeded to marvel at how beautiful she looked and just how much her face lit up with her smile.

It wasn’t long before Alex re-entered the lobby and we were able to officially start their first look – but not before I snuck a big hug from Chantelle once I knew we were in the clear!

After a ceremony on the hard-packed snow (where Alex’s ring was not cooperating and wouldn’t go on his finger no matter how hard he tried) and photos of the family, it was time for the newlyweds and myself to run off into the mountainscape for photos of just them.

And let me tell you, it was cold out there. COLD! My fingers lost feeling during the ceremony even as I shook them to get the blood flowing and the two of them were shivering to fight back the chill – but MAN as soon as we started the portraits, all of that just disappeared. For me, at least!

I fell in love with photographing these two and the views of the sheer cliff behind Echo Lake State Park made for the most stunning backdrop as the sun just started to pass over the mountains.

I was climbing up on things and getting down low and taking in their love and smiles and giddiness – I just wanted to continue photographing them! At one point I remember turning to see Chantelle framed against the tall pine trees and I couldn’t help but snap a dozen pictures of her as she moved gently as if this was something she did all the time. She’s a perfect model, guys.

But as we trekked back to the awaiting car in the dark shadow of the trees, we all could feel the cold begin to settle in again so we blasted the heat and headed back to the hotel.

After talking about some of our favorite shows in the parking lot and giving each other some ideas of what to binge on Netflix next, we squeezed each other SO TIGHT and wished each other goodnight.

Chantelle + Alex, I loved photographing your Jackson New Hampshire elopement and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat (can we?) – I wish you two all the best and a huge congratulations on your leap year wedding day!

The groom fixes his tie in front of the White Mountains on his wedding day

The groom fixes his tie in front of the White Mountains on his wedding day

The groom reads a card from the bride on his wedding day

The ring bearer smiles as they head to the winter elopement

The groom awaits the bride for their outdoor winter elopement in New Hampshire's White Mountains

The bride heads to the groom for their winter ceremony outside in NH

The groom reads his vows to the bride on their winter White Mountain NH elopement

The groom watches as the best man hands over the wedding bands on his NH winter elopement

The bride and groom are officially married on their winter NH elopement day

The bride smiles at her sister on her NH elopement day in the White Mountains

Gifts for the youngest of guests on the elopement day

The bride and groom head to Echo Lake State Park New Hampshire for their winter elopement

The groom helps the bride tie her wedding day boots as they stand in front of Cathedral Ledge in NH

The groom ties the bride's boots for her on their winter NH elopement

The bride and groom get close together in the wintery woods of NH

The bride on her NH elopement day in the winter woods

Echo Lake NH elopement with the couple standing in front of cathedral ledge in the winter

The bride and groom revel in their NH elopement day in winterThe bride and groom stand in front of Echo Lake in NH on their elopement day

Echo Lake NH elopement with the couple standing in front of cathedral ledge in the winter

The bride and groom get close together in the wintery woods of NH

The groom smiles at the bride on their NH elopement

Echo Lake State Park Elopement NH the couple cuddles close in the winter in the woods

NH Elopement Photography: I AM SARAH V Photography
Ceremony: White Mountain Hotel
Flowers: Chantelle herself!
Officiant: “Kim the JP”
Dress: Modern Bride & Formal Shop
Suit: BD Tailormade
Hair + Makeup: Sarah G
Music: Kelly G

Maine & New Hampshire wedding photographer, I AM SARAH V Photography, photographs events for wildly in love couples seeking an NH & Maine wedding photographer with a photojournalism & cinematic approach. You can see more of my work online at www.iamsarahv.com or on Instagram. I photograph many locations including being a Jackson New Hampshire elopement photographer and I would enjoy photographing your day too! If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me at hello@iamsarahv.com

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