Cape Elizabeth, Maine Elopement: Cassidy + Jeremy

I photographed a Portland Head Light elopement in Cape Elizabeth Maine where the rocky coast was the backdrop to their celebration and we had weather with a slight chill in the air that was just enough to foster tons of loving moments between the newlyweds.

Cassidy came to me excited about focusing on photographing moments from their day and wanting to reflect her big joyful heart and Jeremy’s tender emotional love for her in the images from their small celebration. Their dream was to elope and spend the money saved on a downpayment for a home but since they were going to cut out a lot of the miscellaneous expenses, they wanted to be married in a beautiful place they could return to visit and would allow the small number of guests attending to get in close to hear their vows to one another and enjoy a celebratory dinner together without all of the formalities that typically follow a ceremony.

And they proved elopements aren’t just for the shy or introverted (unlike these two, Oscar and I are total homebodies who’d rather have a dinner at home with friends and cry laughing playing board games late into the night so an elopement was perfect for us in that sense) because they love to get together with a big group of friends for pub crawls that are known get wild and yet this smaller celebration reflected them perfectly! All of the personality was there in every moment and the laughter never stopped, but gone was all of the stress and worry about a bunch of details they felt wouldn’t be big in their memories later – and it was wonderful.

And even when things did happen that caused a bump in the plans – like the limo driver accidentally ripping her veil out of her hairdo and getting it all caught in the intricate beadwork of her dress just as we were heading to the ceremony spot which she busted up laughing about once we got her safely in the car – it never phased her. She knew that the day was still going to be beautiful as long as she met Jeremy at the top of the cliffs and they said their vows to one another.

And one of the things I have always been wanting to do is to climb around out on the rocks at the Portland Headlight so when Cassidy told me that’s what she really really REALLY wanted to do, I was so pumped! I let her know that it’s a little treacherous getting down there in a gown but she said she didn’t mind and since she’d be wearing flats, she wanted to explore and take pictures. YES!

The two of them laughed, climbed boulders for me so we could get to the beautiful dark colored stones, stood right next to the incoming waves on top of moss covered rocks, and soaked up every moment we had together. I loved their playful energy and their ability to be vulnerable in front of the camera so I could capture all sides of their love.

After a quick climb back up the cliff, we said our goodbyes as they headed out arm in arm to meet family for dinner in downtown Portland – which was the perfect relaxing way to cap off their intimate celebration.

Cassidy + Jeremy, I’m so glad you traveled all the way here from Pennsylvania to seal the deal and that you invited me along for the ride. I wish you two all the best!

The bride does final touches on her makeup for her Portland Maine elopement

The bride gets the final makeup touches on her wedding day

The bride enjoys a laugh with her best friend as they get ready for the elopement to begin

The girls grab the bride's dress for her wedding day

The bride gets into her wedding gown with a little help from her stepmom and her sister

Portland Maine elopement where the bride gets into the limo to head over to her ceremony outside in Cape Elizabeth Maine

Portland Headlight Wedding with the bride comes down to meet the groom with her father happily holding his daughter's arm

The groom gets emotional as he sees the bride coming down the aisle at their outdoor Fort Williams Maine elopement ceremony

The father of the bride gives away his daughter to the awaiting groom

The couple laughs during their wedding ceremony on the cliffs at the Portland Headlight in Maine

The groom laughs as he says his vows during their Maine elopement

The bride's veil has a mind of it's own on a windy Maine wedding day

He helps her down the rocks so they can enjoy photos on the rocky shore of the Atlantic

The newlyweds enjoy a laugh in one another's arms

Portland Headlight wedding in Maine and the newlyweds stand out on the rocks with the Lighthouse behind them on their wedding day

The bride dances in her dress on the algae covered rocks by the ocean in Maine

Cape Elizabeth Maine elopement hosts the newly married couple hold each other peacefully against the dark rocks

She hugs him tight as he watches the ocean roll over the rocks on their Maine elopement

The groom kisses the bride on the side of the face as they stand at the water's edge in Portland Maine

Maine elopement with the bride hugging her husband softly with closed eyes after they are finally officially married at the water's edge

The newlyweds play with colorful smoke bombs at their elopement on the rocky shore of Maine

Bride and groom hug on the rocky cliffs in Cape Elizabeth Maine for their elopement

Cape Elizabeth elopement with the bride and groom holding hands and walk on the rocky cliffs after they are married

Newlyweds hold each other close near the rocky cliffs over the ocean at their Portland Maine Headlight elopement

Portland Maine Elopement Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Ceremony: Portland Head Light
Dress: Anna Campbell
Suit: Express
Flowers: Harmon’s Floral
Makeup: Cassidy!

Maine & New Hampshire elopement photographer, I AM SARAH V Photography, photographs events for wildly in love couples seeking a NH & Maine wedding photographer with a photojournalism & cinematic approach. You can see more of my work online at or on Instagram. I photograph many locations including being a Portland Maine Headlight elopement and Cape Elizabeth Maine wedding photographer. If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me at

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  1. Jack says:

    Great job capturing all the emotions of the day! Inspiration work!