Mt Monadnock Camp Wa Klo Wedding for Elice + Matt

I AM … a Mt Monadnock wedding photographer and I photographed Elice + Matt’s waterfront camp wedding up in Dublin, NH!

Summer! Camp! Water! Woods! FUN!! That’s how I sum up their day – and if I’d ever been to summer camp as a kid (I was pretty shy when I was little and I would’ve been very traumatized at the thought of sleepaway camp – thank you Mom and Dad for not sending me even though I bet it was a grand time for many) this wedding day would have brought me right back to those good ole days.

With the last road leading to the camp being made of gravel, cabins tucked away in the woods, docks jutting out into the water with canoes and kayaks waiting to cut through the warm mountain water, and giant fire pits to make s’mores over – this is exactly the kind of place you imagine when thinking of those hot summer nights with a crowd of friends greeting you each morning at the mess hall.

They were wanting a day that wasn’t over the top, that represented their love of nature and their playful relationship and this was certainly a great spot to meet those needs. While the guys finished up tying ties in their cabin, the girls could be heard laughing across the way as they got into their dresses and did each other’s makeup. Guests who’d stayed the night before drank coffee on porches and took morning walks where they’d shout out to the bride and groom whenever they’d see them dashing across the property as they did last minute preparations – it felt like they’d made their own little world and it was packed with all the people who love them the most.

With weekend after weekend of rainy or overcast days, their wedding was met with bright skies and warm air and the views were spectacular every stop along the way! A lightly tearful first look along the path leading to a small waterfall, a ceremony among the tallest of trees with the lake just beyond the branches, and photos out on the docks with the great Mount Monadnock in the distance made for a picturesque celebration. What makes it even more special is that Matt has family ties to this camp so being the first ever to celebrate their marriage here brought another level of comfort to their day which was one of the goals when they first started looking at locations to make it official.

They looked lovingly into one another’s eyes during the ceremony, shed a few tears during the heartfelt toasts, and took every chance they could to wrap up in one another’s arms and squeeze each other tight. It was a beautiful and fun-filled day that suited these two well and I know there will be many happy late August summer nights when they adventure out into the wilderness with their pup and remember the amazing day they said I do.

Elice + Matt, I wish you all the best!!

The groom gets ready for his wedding day in one of the New Hampshire Camp Wa Klo cabins

One of the groom's friends gives him a wedding day kiss on the cheek

Camp Wedding Day the groom and groomsmen on the stairs of a cabin in New Hampshire while they wait for the wedding to get underway

Bridesmaid gets her nails ready for the wedding day at the wooded New Hampshire wedding

The maid of honor puts the veil on the bride

The bridesmaids all get the bride ready for her wedding day in Dublin New Hampshire

The look of the groom's love for his bride at their wooded first look at Camp Wa Klo in NH

The bride shows off her wedding dress to her soon to be groom at their first look

The groom tears up at the first look in the woods

The couple walks through the woods at their New Hampshire camp wedding

My girl COMITTTED to that jump! <3

The entire wedding party celebrates with the newlyweds at their New Hampshire camp wedding

The groom comes down the aisle with his parent's on his wedding day

The bride reaches for the groom during their wooded ceremony

The groomsmen and groom during the camp ceremony deep in the woods

The bride bows her head in front of her loved ones during the wooded camp ceremony in New Hampshire

Elder family members watch the wooded ceremony

The groom smiles at the bride at their waterfront ceremony in the New Hampshire woods

Hugs for the bride when the ceremony ends by her new father-in-law

Bride and groom head out onto the docks

The bride and groom touch foreheads together out on the water

The couple enjoys a moment of laughter on the water

The couple touch foreheads together while out on the lake's docks

Camp wedding in New Hampshire with Mt Monadnock serving as a backdrop for the newlyweds

Camp wedding in New Hampshire Mt Monadnock serves as a backdrop for the newlyweds

The couple walks on the docks while the mountains serve as a backdrop to their NH wedding day

Celebrating their camp wedding, the couple snuggle in close

At their camp wedding in NH the couple goes in for a kiss while sitting at the water's edge

New Hampshire forest at Camp Wa Klo as a backdrop for the newlywed's love

The maid of honor hugs the bride tight after her toast

THe first dance for the newlyweds in the theater of the Wak Lo Camp

The groom dances with his mom at the wedding reception

Camp Wa Klo reception where the guests dance inside the theater

Mt Monadnock Wedding Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Ceremony + Reception: Camp Wa Klo
Officiant: Jess Benner
DJ: DJ Midas
Dress: Country Bridals
Suit: Miller Bros Newton
Flowers: Family!
Cake: Dutch Epicure Bakery
Catering: Twelve Pine
Hair: James Thomas Salon
Makeup: Bridesmaids!
Ceremony Musician: Jeremy Milligan

Maine & New Hampshire wedding photographer, I AM SARAH V Photography, photographs events for wildly in love couples seeking a NH & Maine wedding photographer with a photojournalism & cinematic approach. You can see more of my work online at or on Instagram. I photograph many locations including being a camp wedding photographer in the White Mountains and Mt Monadnock in Dublin, NH. If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me at

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