Ogunquit Maine Mid Day Elopement on Marginal Way

Janine, who was so incredible to work with, drew the attention of perfect strangers on the days leading up to her Ogunquit Maine elopement because she simply has a glow and a warmth about her. Someone felt compelled to stop her on the jog she took before the wedding to tell her she looked radiant and that they’d never seen someone look so full of joy…and she was running!!

I don’t know that I saw her without a smile and laugh that moved her whole body the whole time we were together and even while she was preparing for everything she needed to worry about for her wedding day, she was also somehow caring for and thinking about others (me included!) all day long.

When strangers along Marginal Way stopped her with cheers and wanted to tell her just how wonderful she looked, she would return the love, strike up a little conversation and tell them she hoped they had a wonderful day.

And it was Ogunquit’s high school prom weekend so whenever she’d see someone about that age, she’d ask if they were going to prom and then proceed to tell them to have a ton of fun celebrating with friends.

The whole family was this way though because even the people at the Inn got teary-eyed before the ceremony and wrapped the family up in big hugs – and these were people they’d only known for a day or two.

And then Michael! He was the best type of groom there is – so focused on the day, so ready to marry this woman he holds so carefully every time they are together, and full of the best kind of nervous butterflies. I don’t know if guys like to be called “sweet” but that’s just how I think of him. He played around with Janine and professed his love for her in his vows so genuinely, and was even excited to carry around Janine’s flowers to the point that she had to make him give them back to her :)

Salt of the earth people, the whole group of ’em! Dad crying at the sight of his daughter all dressed up in her gorgeous gown, a sister who absolutely ROCKED the ceremony and made it so damn cool and one of my favorites I’ve seen (which I never got a chance to tell her that so I hope she sees this!), brothers who made sure Michael’s hair was behaving, mom’s tearing up at the overwhelming love – I just couldn’t get enough.

How I am so lucky to get people like this in front of my camera, I will never know but man oh man, do I luck out time and time again.

And you know I love Marginal Way in Ogunquit for weddings. Even on a bright day with tourists walking the path, it never ceases to be an absolutely stunning backdrop for an elopement.

We laughed, danced, took pictures, and then there was the cherry on top: meeting Janine and Michael’s super sweet pup that they love to pieces! We met up with Jameson at Perkin’s Cove for some photos before their dinner and this was the sweetest, softest dog. They rescued Jameson and just like good dog parents, this pup has their entire heart.

Thank you, Janine and Michael for inviting me on this adventure of yours. Janine, I am SO glad you found me and fell for my work because life is better for having met your families. I wish you all the best and hope you keep in touch!

ps: that veil was expertly put in her long hair by her mom and was probably the best veil securing ever because it was a windy day (as you’ll see) and that long tulle beauty fluttered in the wind, stretched out way past her as she stood out on the rocks, and even got snagged on a tree which ripped a piece off but didn’t dislodge it from her hair. Best thing about this side note? Janine made sure Michael ran and picked the little piece of tulle off the tree and tucked it away because she didn’t want a bird to eat it and get hurt. Jeez Louise, she is just too good for this world!

Marginal Way Elopement Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Dress: Julian by Jenny Yoo
Flowers: Minka Flowers
Makeup: Stephanie Lyman
Officiant: Emily Cort
Suit: Brooks Brothers
Getting Ready: Trellis House

Getting ready with his brother for his wedding day

Getting ready with dad for the Maine elopement

The groom grabs his suit coat on the wedding day

The bride and her mom on her wedding day in Maine

The father of the bride tears up seeing his daughter at her Ogunquit elopement

A smiling bride on her wedding day

The bride and her mom do final wedding details for her elopemnt in Maine

Tourists cheer on the bride as she heads to her Marginal Way Maine elopement

Marginal Way Maine on elopement day

The groom looks lovingly at the bride during their outdoor ceremony

The mother of the groom reads during the wedding ceremony in Maine

The excited and teary family watches the wedding day ceremony in Maine

Family listens to a toast from the father of the groom

The elopement out on the rocks at Marginal Way maine

Exchanging the wedding rings

The groom hugs his father after the elopement ceremony is complete

The father of the bride gives a toast

The father of the bride gives a toast

Family listens to a toast from the father of the groom

Tearing up listening to the elopement toasts


The bride and groom out on the rocks at Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine

The groom fixes his bride's hair on a windy Maine day

The groom helps the bride up the rocks of Marginal Way

The couple and the rocks of coastal Maine on a bright sunny Maine day

Marginal Way in Ogunquit and the elopement couple on a sunny day

A kiss while lounging on the rocks of Ogunquit Maine

Walking to the wedding reception in Perkins Cove Maine

Marginal Way Elopement on a sunny day in Maine

A romantic kiss out in Ogunquit Maine after eloping

Hugging each other tight after eloping

Looking out at the water on Marginal Way

The couple can't stop smiling after a sunny Maine elopement

A moment in a wooded spot before the Perkins Cove reception

The couple's dog joins them for photos after their elopement in Perkin's Cove Maine

The couple's dog joins them for photos after their elopement in Perkin's Cove Maine

Puppy dog all wrapped up in love from his mom and dad on their wedding day

The couple's dog joins them for photos after their elopement in Perkin's Cove Maine

The couple's dog joins them for photos after their elopement in Perkin's Cove Maine

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