Windham New Hampshire Wedding for Steph + Josh!

Steph and Josh, how I wish I could talk the ear off of anyone visiting this blog to tell them about you two because you are the type of people everyone should know about and everyone should be so lucky to work with or have in their friend circle.

I’ve never felt so cared for by two (at the time) practical strangers before you two. In the fire of the initial stages of the pandemic last year the two of you initiated the conversation on our very first call about wanting to be clear that my health was very important to you. You wanted me to feel 100% comfortable and to have the agency to say “no” to something that may feel concerning and then you continued that each time we spoke leading up to the day. In a world that just feels so unpredictable, you became my wedding constant and almost like a safe haven.

And then to meet you in person and to have you come to me from a previous INCREDIBLE couple that I was lucky enough to photograph, I could see why everyone on your wedding day just falls to pieces every time you’re around.

Steph, I know I told you that everyone must just go on and on about how your laugh and smile just lights the whole world up. And Josh, your constant checking in on ME (which is never expected nor needed) and always doing so with care just blew me away. How do you two have the mental space to do the incredible work you do in your professional lives and also manage to find the time to check on everyone on your wedding day from vendors to each and guests and still be wholly present on the importance of your day?

Steph is basically a real life hero who makes me teary just thinking of the good she puts out into the world who has more beauty both inside and out than should be legal. And her hair? HER HAIR! I love the color of it (I didn’t tell you this on the wedding day because I didn’t want to come across as too creepy!) because it reminds me of my mom’s when she was little and always out in the sun.

They are also the second couple I’ve worked with who read the Supreme Court ruling of the historical legalization of gay marriage during their ceremony. With a wedding taking place deep in Pride month at a location right down the road one of the first Pride events in Windham, NH – it made the day that much more inclusive and loving.

“No longer may this liberty be denied. No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.” – Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

I could go on and on – which I’ve basically already done – but I now just want to share these two incredible people and their sweet pup Indie with the world!

Another few ounces of good news? She’s now about five months pregnant and not only was she a major trooper with the intense heat and humidity that day, but we now have a future human to help guide our world towards goodness with these two people at them helm of raising them.

Steph, Josh, Indie, and new baby to be – please always keep me posted on your lives as I know it will forever be great to reminded of the good you put out there. I’m so lucky I got to work with you and I don’t take your care for granted. I wish your family all the best!

ps: see if you can make it through these pictures without smiling when you see their joyful faces; I know I can’t.

Windham New Hampshire Wedding Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Ceremony & Reception: Windham Woods School
Officiant: Olivia Hull
Video: Ryan Dejoy
Florist and Decorator: Susan Tomases
Caterer: Twelve 31 Events
Hair: White Willow Salon
Makeup: Kiss Cosmetics
Band: Horizon Quartet

A hug from a friend on the wedding day for the bride

Getting the veil all set can be tricky for brides

The bride gets her dad's tie all set for the wedding day

The bride walks through the woods to meet the groom for the first look

The groom marvels at his bride during the first look on their wedding day

The bride and groom share a wooded kiss on their New Hampshire wedding day

The bride and groom are all smiles on their New Hampshire wooded wedding day in Windham

The couple waves to arriving guests on their day

The girls and the pup on the wooded NH wedding day

Maid of Honor walks the couple's dog down the aisle

The bride and her father enter the wedding ceremony in wooded Windham NH

The groom smiles big at the bride during their outdoor wooded ceremony

The bride can't contain her laugh on the wedding day during a funny part of the ceremony in NH

The groom smiles big at the bride during their outdoor wooded ceremony

The smiling couple during their wedding ceremony in NH

A reading of the Supreme Court ruling allowing for gay marriage to be legalized in the US

A touching speech gets the bride smiling during the ceremony

The couple's dog got a special mention during their outdoor ceremony in Windham NH

The couple holds hands during the wedding ceremony

The first kiss of the wedding couple

Walking back up the aisle with their dog in hand after marrying in New Hampshire

The couple walks in the woods of Windham NH on their wedding day

The newlyweds love on one another on their beautiful NH wedding day

The newlyweds and their beloved dog take in some moments together on the wedding day in the woods of NH

A wildflower field and the newlyweds smiling at their NH wedding day

A wildflower field and the newlyweds smiling at their NH wedding day

The couple with the wind and all the smiles on their New Hampshire wedding day

The couple embraces in the deep green foliage of their NH wedding day

The groom and his best friends on the NH wedding day

The bride smiles at friends on her wedding day

The bride and her nephew on her wedding day

A dip and a kiss on the dance floor during the first dance of the newlyweds

A hug to the bride's sister after her wedding toast

The groom dances with his mom at his NH wedding reception

The bride embraces her dad during the wedding reception

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