Snowy Migis Lodge Wedding on Sebago Lake Maine for Greta + Nick

Greta + Nick stirred up a storm of love on their wedding day at Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in Maine. October doesn’t tend to bring hurricanes our way late into the month but the weather patterns aligned just so along the southern route to bring in rain, snow, and sleet.

The upside to that besides the obvious addition of having another reason to snuggle in close to your loved ones and pictures in the snow? If you have to be anywhere on a chilly day in Maine, Migis is definitely the place to be.

Migis sets the scene for an undeniably gorgeous wedding with each beautiful cabin on the grounds being warmed by roaring fireplaces, covered porches overlooking lush evergreen forests, and views of Sebago Lake as you walk from one toasty cabin to another for that oh so wonderful Maine feeling at every turn. So while Migis is beautiful in the summer with dips in the lake to cool off and tennis courts in the woods, it’s just as dreamy with the snow gently falling, smoke pouring out of chimneys, and the hush of the great Maine wilderness.

The couple planned to arrive at their outdoor ceremony by boat and then be whisked across the lake after the “I do’s”, but with temperatures in the low 30’s, those plans had to be altered. Migis and the couple waited and hoped there’d be a break in the wet weather to allow for guests to sit waterside but when the snow didn’t let up, Greta was all for an indoor cabin with a fire going instead! There wasn’t a hesitation in her heart and although it changed the original plans, they knew it would be wonderful no matter what. Love them for that!

We still had an outdoor first look where Greta slipped into her beautiful dress with the addition of her black boots to keep her feet warm for the walk. She did a quick spin for Nick before he bundled her up in a blanket and we photographed them among the colorful falling leaves before ducking into the coolest waterfront cabin for a few moments so the couple could take a few moments to breathe in the gravity of the upcoming celebration.

They were calm in one another’s arms with white snowflakes dotting his blue suit coat and her long eyelashes and they were excited to finally get married.

Quickly the weather turned windier and the cold bite to the air had the wedding party huddling close to keep warm while awaiting the ceremony to start inside Boulders Cabin. Due to it being so dark outside with the storm, I knew it was best to set up my off camera flashes so I’d be sure to get every last teardrop and large as life laughter that I knew was set to come. So as the fireplace roared inside, Nick and his parents made their grand entrance to the queue of the Dj’s music and then…

The power went completely out.

The storm coated the trees and power lines with heavy snow so the electricity hardly stood a chance! While guests chatted in their seats, the DJ ran off to get a couple of his uplights from the reception and his backup generator so the music could continue.

Since we were deep in the woods, the cabin was dark once the power dropped so I quickly adjusted my lights to ensure I’d be able to properly illuminate them in a natural looking way for the ceremony and with the help of one of the DJ’s uplights that I pointed up at the spot where the couple would be saying their vows so my camera could grab focus in the dark (and so guests could see their reactions!), we were ready to go! The DJ picked back up with the music and the show went on even more beautifully than was even planned. It felt romantic and intimate with the only light being the fire and it created a beautiful space for the tear-filled ceremony.

And this, my friends, is why having pros who can adapt to any situation and make it work under unexpected and unpredictable circumstances is oh so very important.

The DJ was incredible with his instinct to run and get power for the music, the venue staff never stopped making sure guests were warm, cared for and comfortable, and myself and Ashley worked quickly to make sure their images would come out beautifully and represent their day – it all came together and truly it was because we all knew our stuff and didn’t falter when it counted.

Weddings are exciting and always new; I never forget that nor do I take it for granted. Knowing how to react in this situation (one I’ve never experienced before!) was key and it makes me sad to think about what would’ve happened if we didn’t know what we were doing or if a non-pro didn’t have the gear to make sure the images came out. To lose any of the moments you’ll see below from their ceremony would’ve been heartbreaking because each emotion was so touching and every reaction was so very them.

The main lodge at Migis never lost power so when the reception started, the lights were bright, the food was delicious, the toasts were hilarious, and the dance floor was packed! The guests were so excited to celebrate these two wonderful people who’ve left a wake of love and laughter in their lives. And because the vibe of the day was 100% about the love Greta + Nick have for one another and nothing less, no one missed a beat commemorating the two of them and rolling with the day.

I can’t thank Migis Lodge, DJ Matt at Millhouse Sound Events, and most importantly Greta, Nick and their families enough for such an incredible day. It was cold, wet, and definitely kept us all on our toes, but what I take away most is that it was an absolutely wonderful day to be a part of and Greta + Nick were just so very happy to be in the beautiful space marrying one another. I’m honored I got to photograph their wedding and I wish the newlyweds all the very best!

….one last thing: my car’s battery died due to the cold (no lights were on when I went out and the lights inside all came on including the headlights when I’d turn the key, the car just wouldn’t turn over) so I found out that it is 100% safe to jump your car in a giant 4 inch puddle of water while being rain/snowed on hahaha! Thankfully I always have cables in my car and I was able to get Mary from Migis to help jump my car so I could make the trip home! We were soaked by the time my car started, but we did it!

The bride gets the final touches on her makeup done

The bride gets into her wedding dress on her wedding day

The groomsmen do a selfie while getting ready for the wedding day to start at Migis Lodge

The groom gets into his suit coat on his wedding day

The groomsmen all stand together for a portrait before the wedding celebration starts at Migis Lodge

The groom heads to the first look under an umbrella at Migis Lodge

The bride in her boots heads to the first look

Migis Lodge wedding on Sebago Lake Maine The groom awaits the bride to arrive during their first look on their wedding day in the snow at Migis Lodge

The bride heads to the groom during their first look in the snow at Migis Lodge in Maine

The bride and groom share a kiss at their first look in the snow

The bride and groom stay under an umbrella in the snow at Migis Lodge on their Maine wedding day

Migis Lodge wedding on Sebago Lake Maine the bride and groom share a laugh while cuddling close with fall leaves all around

The bride and groom share a laugh while cuddling close with fall leaves all around

While he hugs her tightly they both share a laugh under an umbrella while it snows around them at Migis Lodge

The bride and groom huddle under an umbrella and walk past a sign for an outdoor shower at Migis Lodge in Maine

The soon to be wed couple laughs together in a cabin

The groom smiles as he holds the bride's hands

Migis Lodge wedding on Sebago Lake Maine where the bride and groom get close together

The bride and groom get close together in one of the Migis Lodge cabins

The couple laughs together in one of the cabins at Migis Lodge

The bride and groom head into a cabin in the snowy weather on their Migis Lodge wedding in Maine

The bride gets ready to head into her ceremony with her father

I swear these ceremony images were actually taken in almost complete darkness with the power outage. All that illuminated them were my off camera flashes!

The bride smiles during the wedding ceremony

The groom laughs during the wedding ceremony

An A Capella group sings at the Maine wedding ceremony

The couple smiles while listening to singers during their wedding ceremony

The bride tears up while listening to her mom sing at her Migis Lodge Maine wedding on Sebago Lake

The couple hugs the bride's mom after listening to her sing Migis Lodge Maine wedding on Sebago Lake

The father of the groom listens to his son's wedding vows

The bride makes the groom tear up while saying her vows at the ceremony

The bride smiles warmly at the groom while he reads his vows to her

The bride and groom celebrate being just married

Signing the guestbook in Casco Bay Maine

The groom helps get the bride's dress bustled before heading into the reception

The bride and groom dance together for their first dance at their wedding reception

Migis Lodge wedding on Sebago Lake Maine The bride and groom laugh at a toasts during their Wedding reception

The bride and groom laugh at a toasts during their Migis Lodge Wedding reception

The bride and groom tear up at the toasts during their Migis Lodge Wedding reception

The bride and her father dance at her Maine wedding reception

The groom and his mother dance together at his wedding reception

The bride gets into the music at her wedding reception on the Casco Bay Maine

Guests get into the dancing at their Migis Lodge wedding reception in Maine

The father of the bride dances at his son's wedding reception

A wedding guest gets iced at the reception

The bride and groom enjoy a laugh at their Maine wedding reception

Guests at the wedding do a quick dance floor selfie

The groom gets into the party at his Maine wedding reception

Migis Lodge wedding on Sebago Lake Maine where the bride dances with the groom at their wedding reception party

The bride and groom get into the dancing at their Migis Lodge wedding reception

The bride and groom are silhouetted against the stormy sky after their ceremony at Migis Lodge in Maine

Migis Lodge Wedding Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography (Ashley Conti was my second!)
Ceremony + Reception: Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in Maine
DJ: MillHouse Sound Events (highly recommend him!)
Dress: BHLDN
Suit: Indochino
Flowers: Marcia Davis Flowers
Cake + Catering: Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in Maine
Officiant: Frank Newman (friend of the couple)
Hair + Makeup: Ollo Hair Salon

Maine & New Hampshire wedding photographer, I AM SARAH V Photography, photographs events for wildly in love couples seeking an NH & Maine wedding photographer with a photojournalism & cinematic approach. You can see more of my work online at or on Instagram. I photograph many locations including being a Migis Lodge wedding photographer on Sebago Lake, Maine and I would enjoy photographing your day too! If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me at

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  1. Greta and Nick
    Soo beautiful , romantic and full of love and fun.
    What wonderful memories to have.
    Your future looks great. Glad I lived to be a part of your celebration. Much love to both of you. Grammy