Primo Restaurant Wedding Published in Boston Weddings Magazine – Rockland Maine

If you happen to be strolling through grocery stores in the New England area – you’ll be able to find pictures of the Primo Restaraunt Wedding I photographed in Rockland Maine last year! This was such a beautifully laid back wedding featuring a wonderful couple and their adorable newborn daughter, a planner with a giant heart, and a restaurant that not only has some of THE BEST food in the world but also has an intimate wedding space they open up to weddings on their property.

Amy + Ryan found out they were expecting as they were planning their wedding and from being flexible with her wedding dress to moving around plans to fit the level of stress they wanted to have on their day they were always consistently supported by Taylor at Black Bow Events. Taylor took everything out of their hands and allowed them to just enjoy the time leading up to the wedding, including working closely with me so we could be sure their photos and the timeline we built out fit into their desire to simply enjoy the day, the people, and the fact that their tiny sweet daughter would be joining them when they said their vows.

I think I’ve found a quiet little niche that I love photographing on a wedding day and that’s new mothers. Honestly, they have been some of my favorite days to be a part of because they know that there’s this life they’ve created that means so much more than the hiccups or bumps that happen while you plan the day and on the day itself. It creates a space for them to enjoy what this day truly means down to its core and let go of the million other things that may have previously caused them stress.

Amy was an absolute pleasure to be around and to photograph. Her quiet but steadfast demeanor, her ability to love all over her daughter but to also give herself the space to be newly married to a great guy and enjoy the celebration they’d been building towards was everything. She wasn’t aiming for perfection, she was aiming for real and she was completely ok with me photographing the day just how I like to: real, raw, loving, honest, and emotional.

And Taylor from Black Bow did the same! She gave me all the space in the world to make the images for the couple that we both knew was important to them and she had everything perfectly set up at each spot of the day so the couple could be present and view all of the beauty that surrounded them.

And Primo? Ohhhh Primo Restaurant, I have such a love for you too! I feel like such a broken record, but their food was the best vegetarian meal I’ve ever had and it’s no wonder because so much of their veggies and herbs are grown right on the property which allows them total control and provides them with an incredible bounty of food. Walking their property where the plants grow with love and care not only looks pretty, but it smells pretty too. And don’t get me started on the cute chickens that wander the property – I couldn’t stop laughing at them and their goofy ways.

Thank you to the wonderful team that made their day a dream: Primo Restaurant in Rockland Maine, Taylor at Black Bow Events, Field Floral Studio, Sogno Salon, and White Cat Events.

If you’d like to read more about their day and see additional images from their Primo Maine Wedding, head over to their blog post to read more. To see Boston Weddings Magazine’s blog about their day, head over here. And if you want a physical copy of the magazine, they can be found in grocery stores and book stores all across New England.

The cover image on the magazine is NOT mine, but the rest of the following images are :)

Primo Restaurant Wedding in Rockland Maine featured in Boston Weddings Magazine 2019

Primo Restaurant Wedding in Rockland Maine with a classic and intimate celebration featured in Boston Weddings Magazine 2019

Primo Restaurant Wedding in Rockland Maine with a classic and intimate celebration featured in Boston Weddings Magazine 2019

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