Maine Wedding Photographer Wins Award for Mariel & Chris’ Wedding Day

Earlier this season I spent part of a holiday weekend photographing Mariel + Chris as they had their intimate wedding in Maine at his grandparent’s home in Greene. And not too long ago I found out that an image that I hold dear to my heart won an award in the 2019 Wedding Photojournalist Association’s contest!

I have always loved photographing in spaces that are near and dear to my couples, especially one that holds decades of memories like this farmhouse they said their I do’s in the backyard of.

From the photos on the walls, to the lovingly aged wood on the bannister where the edges are smoothed down from so many hands walking up and down the stairs over the years – this place held so much wonderful feeling in each and every corner.

The couple got ready in the house together – she had her makeup done on the natural light of the front porch and her hair styled while sitting across from his grandmother at the kitchen table. He passed potato salad and sandwiches to his family in the next room over as they filled their hungry stomachs while awaiting the ceremony to begin.

And I spent my time absorbing the energy of those gathered and the house whose walls have always protected them all.

When the ceremony was about to begin, their friend got set in her position to sing words of love as the bride walked with her brother down the aisle. She held her guitar and with her dog at her feet, she softly started singing as Mariel waited to exit from the cool air of the glass stained window room into the brightly lit summer day.

And in this moment I saw such a story being told in one single frame.

The anticipation in Mariel, holding tight to her smiling brother and her bouquet of flowers. The soft song you can almost hear coming from a close friend, and her beloved dog sitting patiently at her feet after she’d almost wrapping up the songstress in her lead. The weathered look of a well-loved home with stories warmly held in each and every piece of its walls.

All of the anticipation, all of the joy and happiness, and tears that are just around the corner, all of the love that is about to be written in their family history… I clicked the shutter and instantly knew it was an image I was going to cherish and hoped that the family would too.

It’s funny, the things that will hit you in the gut and give you a reaction of tears and happiness and Oscar, my husband, has that reaction with the images from this wedding. Although he wasn’t there for their wedding day, he’s seen the blog a few times now and each time he wells up with emotion as he scrolls the pictures and each time he says it’s one of his favorite weddings I’ve ever photographed – this image, in particular, gets him every single time.

I love when an image has power and I have to agree with Oscar that I feel this one does as well. I’m so honored that WPJA recognized this image as well and I thank them for the award!

If you’re interested, feel free to take a look at my full profile on WPJA to see the rest of my award-winning wedding images by heading HERE!

The bride and her brother await the musical cue to enter her Maine wedding ceremony

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