Award Winning Images from Southport Maine and Boothbay Harbor Weddings!

I’m excited to win two more awards in the WPJA 2018 v015 Photography Competition! The first image is from Brianna + Jarid’s Linekin Bay Resort Wedding where Brianna’s insanely beautiful veil took center stage while her bridesmaid hung it to make sure it was safe before she got into her wedding day attire. And then the second is from Meaghan + John’s Southport Maine wedding where they retreated to a family’s property right on the ocean for the reception where they danced as the setting sun lit up the sky.

As always, the judges are impressive and include photojournalists, photo editors for publications like TIME and Newsweek, and two Pulitzer Prize-winners! Having both of my images chosen by them is awesome!

Meaghan + Jon’s wedding was one of the few actually sunny wedding days of my season last year so not only did we get loads of great images of their love, but we were also able to take advantage of those oceanfront views and relish in a sunset sky reflecting off the ocean. While the two of them danced together for their first dance, I wanted to capture all of the beauty of the location so I ran outside of the tent and while my off camera flashes illuminated them dancing, I was also able to get in those brilliant skies. While I do love to get close and get those feelings of the day, it’s also important to back up to capture the big picture as well! Being fast on my feet, knowing my lighting equipment and my gear allows me to seamlessly get close for the feelings and far for the landscape too.

And then Brianna + Jarid’s wedding brought up this candid moment of one of Brianna’s closest friends as she readied her veil for her. I love watching and waiting for the right unposed moments that once they’re captured, they tell a story in one quick moment. Sometimes it takes being quiet and patient and waiting for people to move into just the right spot, and this was one of those quick fleeting moments that I loved being able to memorialize for Brianna.

Take a look at my full profile on WPJA to see the rest of my award-winning images by heading HERE!

Southport Maine wedding photographer won an award for this tented oceanfront celebration where the couple danced under the sunset sky

Linekin Bay Resort Wedding Photographer won an award for this Boothbay Harbor celebration where the veil is hung in the cabin to prep for the day

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