Dover New Hampshire Elopement at Pine Hill Cemetery for Alex + Jesse

Alex + Jesse spent the evening of their first date walking the grounds of Pine Hill Cemetery in Dover NH where they shared a couple of beers and found out that they had way too much in common for this to not be the real thing so their New Hampshire elopement in the same location was perfect.

Since Alex is my friend and also my hairstylist (at the awesome Pin Up Hair Salon!) I’ve been able to hear all about the progression of their relationship from when they first met at an event in Portsmouth, NH and they couldn’t believe with all of the friends and things they had in common that they hadn’t met before, to him proposing to her in New Orleans and their plans to elope on a weekday at the site of their very first date so I could tell that without a doubt, this relationship was meant to be.

He got ready at home and she did her makeup and hair at her salon (with the help of our other good friend, the amazing artist Natalee!) with her mom and aunt watching in anticipation as the time clicked closer and closer to 5pm. There were no nerves, no worries about the weather or the chill in the air – there was simply the calm, cool, collected and radiant Alex that I knew I’d see on her wedding day.

They both are such unique people who weren’t going to have just any wedding, they were going to have one that was fitting to their love of the strange, the wicked, the dark, and the beautiful so with fall setting into New England fast and a mid-October date on the calendar they were joined by their immediate families, their videographer, and I to begin their forever.

We walked among the colorful trees with a quiet fog draped over the grounds to the spot where not too long ago these two began their relationship and they said their vows with smiles wide across their faces so they could finally make it official. The events all happened so fast and so smoothly that even Alex said she couldn’t believe it was over already!

We wandered the cemetery while they walked hand in hand and told stories of their favorite spots while the sun slipped further and further into the cloudy horizon and I got the chance to photograph their love and their beauty which were both in full effect.

At the end of our time together, with dinner alongside the newly merged family members awaiting, we squeezed each other goodbye and they walked off down the hill towards their home in all of their newly wedded bliss. Alex + Jesse, I’m SO happy I got to be a part of your day, I look forward to many years of watching your love and happiness grow!

The bride gets ready at Pin Up Salon in Dover NH for her elopement

The bride gets ready at Pin Up Salon in Dover NH for her elopement

The bride laughs during the vows of their fall Dover New Hampshire elopement

The bride smiles at her fiance during their fall ceremony in Dover NH elopement

The couple has a wedding ceremony in front of a mausoleum in Pine Hill Cemetery in Dover NH

The newlyweds walk through the fall leaves after eloping

The bride and groom kiss each other close with the backdrop of a bright red fall tree on their wedding day in Dover NH

Dover New Hampshire elopement with the bride and groom laughing with one other close with the backdrop of a bright red fall tree on their wedding day

NH elopement hosts the bride and groom as they walk in Pine Hill Cemetery in Dover after eloping

The bride's tattooed hands hold onto her husband after they eloped in Dover NH

The bride lovingly holds the groom's face after eloping in the fall

The bride laughs in the arms of her husband after their Dover NH elopement

NH elopement The bride kisses the groom on the temple after eloping in fall in Dover New Hampshire

The bride and groom laugh in each other's arms in Pine Hill Cemetery

The bride and groom hold each other close in a loving hug after eloping in Dover NH

Both the bride and groom pose separately for portraits of themselves on their elopement in Dover NH

The bride and groom sit amongst the headstones at Pine Hill Cemetery in Dover NH

The groom cuddles in close to the smiling bride on their wedding day

Dover New Hampshire elopement the stoic bride and groom stand at a gravesite after eloping in Pine Hill Cemetery

The bride and groom enjoy a laugh together after eloping in Dover New Hampshire

New Hampshire elopement with the bride and groom being silhouetted with the gravestones and the tall fall trees by them

Dover New Hampshire Elopement Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Hair + Makeup: Alex! from Pin Up Salon
Dress: Amazon!
Flower Crown: Alex!
Ceremony: Pine Hill Cemetery

Maine & New Hampshire elopement photographer, I AM SARAH V Photography, photographs events for wildly in love couples seeking a NH & Maine wedding photographer with a photojournalism & cinematic approach. You can see more of my work online at or on Instagram. I photograph many locations including being a Dover New Hampshire elopement photographer at Pine Hill Cemetery. If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me at

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