Family session for Mel, Matt, and the Little Ones

I realized today that I’ve been photographing Mel & Matt since 2015. 2015! That’s so cool.

I’ve photographed their engagement session, their wedding, adventures with their first daughter, and now it was time to photograph them with their new sweet member of the family.

To be welcomed into a family multiple times who I not only enjoy wholeheartedly and have a great time talking to about everything from music to politics and are such incredibly cool and wonderful people is one of the greatest feelings. I love that I’ve gotten to seen them in all of these important life moments and I hope we continue to catch up way into the future.

This time we all hung out in their new home just outside of the city of Boston where they’ve recently settled in as a family. It’s a great little community they’ve found with ties to places that are meaningful to them and a close proximity to the people that keep them rooted.

And I loved how they simply let the little ones do whatever they felt like doing while I was there within a loose structure they’d planned ahead of time – it makes for such an enjoyable experience for everyone! The little ones are already excited that a new person is visiting and by giving them that agency to have fun doing the things they enjoy also allows me to capture their awesome and unique personalities easily.

Since they know me and my style so well now, they also gave me free rein as well. Their oldest showed me her exciting toys, alongside the award she’d been given that day for doing such a good job listening – she was basically the life of the party. Her dancing, climbing, jumping, sliding all while wearing a giant smile was infectious. She’s basically the easiest to photograph with her boundless energy.

Then their youngest is the observer, the cuddler, and the reserved to her sister’s boisterousness. Her big wondering eyes and soothing demeanor even when a whirlwind of excitement flits about was such a great opposite to her sister and made for a wonderful dynamic to photograph. She sees all and her sister shares all – they’re a great match who love one another very much already.

And of course Mel and Matt were their same wonderful selves too! I loved watching them interact with the girls with complete compassion and care, while also allowing them to be independent and free. They’re raising such cool girls who are just as respectful as they are fun and I can’t think of anything better.

It was so great to see you all again and meet the newest member of the family – I keep thinking about the sweet hug your oldest gave me right before I left because she has a tough time saying goodbye after having fun with a visitor. My heart! I hope you enjoy your latest set of photos; I’m so very thankful to have people like you in my life.

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