New Castle Great Island Common Engagement Session for Alli + Jeff

Alli, Jeff, and their three furry kids joined me for some engagement photos of their family in Portsmouth, NH and then the six of us made the short drive over to Great Island Common in New Castle to end the evening right on the water.

Oh and I should mention that one of the pets that joined us was their kitty! I’ve never had a cat come along for an engagement session and if you know me, you know that not only do all animals make me the happiest ever, but cats are my favorite.

They all were so well behaved (even Alli and Jeff ;) and since it hadn’t gotten roasty outside yet, and we timed it to be right in between the periods of rain that seem to happen every day this summer, it was perfect for the three furry siblings to hang out in the shaded car overlooking the ocean after being so good for the camera.

As the sun started to go down and the skies turned deeper and deeper shades of gray and blue we hustled to spend time on the rocks of the quiet park and even successfully chased a rainbow. When it was time to hit the beach, Alli surprised both Jeff and I by saying she wanted to get their feet wet in the ocean for a few pictures too. You know I’m not going to say no to that request!

But folks, it was cold water. COLD. This was the first week of June and if you can believe it, we were still not using air conditioners and humidity wasn’t ruining all of our hair yet. But they did it! Jeff may have wanted it to end a wee bit earlier than Alli, but they were troopers and we made Alli’s vision happen.

Their wedding is coming up super quick and I look forward to celebrating with them at the ViewPoint hotel in York, Maine. Thank you, Alli, Jeff and pets for a great evening, enjoy the pictures of your full of love family!

Engagement session photos with the couple's pets in Portsmouth NH

The couple walks out by the water at Great Island Common in NH

Laughter at the NH engagement session

A rainbow over the ocean at the New Hampshire Engagement Session at Great Island Common

The couple walks out by the water at Great Island Common in NH

A big bear hug with the couple at their NH engagement session

Engagement session on the cool beaches in New Hampshire

The engagement session at the tall grasses at Great Island Common New Hampshire

The engagement ring on the hand of the bride

Engagement session silhouetted against the sky

The couple walks on the rocky shores to the ocean water in New Hampshire

New Castle NH engagement session in the cold ocean waters

The couple stands with their feet in the cold ocean water at Great Island Common NH

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