Award Winning Image from Cranberry Island Near Acadia

Guys, I am behind on blogging awards and since I am feeling really hopeful about the future of the country going forward I decided what better time to celebrate some personal wins! It’s been a massively draining wedding season with so much up in the air, so many changes, so many worries, and so many adjustments that had to be made that my mind has simply been elsewhere, but I’m back!

So here we have a wedding photojournalism award from WPJA for the 2019 contest number 15 and it’s a photo from Meredith + Sam’s Little Cranberry Island Maine wedding up near Acadia National Park. While it looks like it’s a toast from the reception, it’s actually an emotional reading from their ceremony. Their friend was trying so diligently to make it through the emotional words but with the couple she loves so dearly standing beside her getting ready to say some forever vows, the tears crept right on in.

So while she attempted to get through the words on the paper without a wavering voice, she found she was unsuccessful and she acknowledged that she just wasn’t going to make it through in one piece which sent the bride into a fit of laughter.

The scene for this is a dark church that doesn’t even have running water inside – it’s basically just a front room with some beautiful stained glass and a rope to pull the wedding bells that opens up to a larger area for the services to take place. And if you’ve read my post about their wedding (or lived it alongside us because you were a guest or in the wedding!) you know that it was a dark, stormy day and night of a wedding. One that was very close to not coming together even!

With delays in getting started due to ferries small crafts not being allowed to come from the mainland to the tiny rustic Little Cranberry Island off the coast of Acadia, and the relentless cast of clouds, there was very little light inside this church for the ceremony to be taking place in.

We hustled to get lights set up that were triggered from our cameras and added direction and dimension without being too intrusive and it allowed what would have been a setting that candids would have a hard time being captured beautifully to be captured fully and without hesitation due to the efficient lighting setup that I love.

And one little added bonus from this image that I love for some reason, is the shadow of Meredith that’s being cast on the red curtains behind them that adds that other little pop and helps make the moment really stand out.

If you’d like to see more from Meredith + Sam’s wedding on Little Cranberry Island Maine CLICK HERE!

Thank you once again to WPJA for recognizing my work and awarding me for this image! I love being a part of this insane list of talented wedding photographers.

If you’re interested, feel free to take a look at my full profile on WPJA to see the rest of my award-winning wedding images by heading HERE!

Little Cranberry Island Maine Wedding Isleford Dock  ceremony with bride and groom laughing during ceremony

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