White Mountains New Hampshire Lakeside Elopement: Devin + Lance

Devin reached out with plans to elope to the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her guy Lance. They’re fans of fall and even bigger fans of adventuring outdoors so with trips up to Vermont and New Hampshire they decided that fall of 2021 in NH would be the date.

While they initially thought it would just be the two of them for their vows, they expanded it to their immediate families which I think ended up being perfect. Especially when Devin’s dress needed last-minute sewing from her mom so it would close properly – you’d be surprised at just how often little bumps in the day like this happen but Devin didn’t sweat it at all and they still managed to get it all fixed up for her.

The weather ended up being super sunny and unseasonably very warm so they held the ceremony out on the lawn that sits high up so you can see the White Mountains off in the distance and it also overlooks the pond and the colorful fall trees. The ceremony had vows written by the couple and a last-minute running back up to the room by Devin’s sister to grab the forgotten wedding bands, and a first kiss that I was able to capture with a perfect framing of fall-colored leaves and the pergola.

But the really really good stuff happened when we ventured down to a nearby beach that also has scenic views that only places like the White Mountains New Hampshire can offer and the newlyweds voluntarily went right out into the lake for photos.

YES, you read that right, they volunteered and then actually went out into the lake! I was worried that the family who’d joined us would stop them and I even tried to rush them along once I caught wind of them wanting to do it because I was scared family would change their minds but to my absolute surprise, the family all encouraged them to do it!

I was taking pictures of Devin and her sisters after Lance first mentioned getting on the water and by the time I turned around, he’d already taken off his suit jacket and shoes, and hiked up his pants so he could get in. My kind of groom!

Instinctually, Devin picked up her dress to wade in but her mom told her it would look prettier all spread out in the water so she should let it go.

A MOTHER OF THE BRIDE TOLD HER DAUGHTER TO PUT HER DRESS IN THE WATER!!! That will probably only ever happen once in my life – I wanted to hug her when she said that!

And hey, they’re eloping out in the wilderness and Lance was so right when he said, “This stuff can be washed, but these pictures aren’t every day.” Hell. Yes.

So we took pictures in the water and along the beach for a little while before the calling for wedding day cake and some dinner wrapped up our time together.

Devin + Lance, damn you two were so much fun. From Lance’s bicycle induced hulk calves to Devin’s hints of laughter that I was able to sneakily capture on camera – you two were such great people to photograph and spend the afternoon with. And your families were the best too! I wish you two all the best and hopefully you’ll make it back in my area sometime in the future and we can do more water photos in a lake around here because I kiiiiiinda have awesome ideas already brewing for that. Keep in touch!

White Mountain NH Elopement Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Ceremony: Coppertoppe.com
Dress: Elizabeth Ann’s Bridal
Hair + Makeup: Chic Hair Boutique and Spa
Suit: Ramani’s Clothtiers

The bride gets ready with her mom and sister for her elopement

Getting the wedding day shoes on

Fine tuning the wedding day crown on the bride

The bride awaits the start of the ceremony at her White Mountain elopement

The bride heads in to hide from the groom on her wedding day elopement

Watching the groom as he awaits the start of the first look in NH

The first look is also the start of the wedding ceremony at Coppertoppe Inn in NH

The bride and groom in their fall elopement ceremony

Almost forgot the wedding rings

Exchanging wedding bands at the elopement ceremony

First kiss in New Hampshire

The bride in front of Newfound Lake in New Hampshire

Heading out into the lake for their New Hampshire Elopement

The groom brings in the bride for a kiss in the middle of Newfound Lake in Bristol NH

The married couple out in Bristol New Hampshire for their elopement

The couple embrace on their NH White Mountain elopement

The bride's feet on her NH wedding day after a dip in the lake

Leading the bride out on the rocks at Newfound Lake NH for fall elopement

A moment out in the NH White Mountain lake

A moment out in the NH White Mountain lake in the fall

Getting a moment together on their New Hampshire elopement

Wedding day hands of the bride and groom

The bride and groom silhouetted by the White Mountain NH elopement

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