New Castle New Hampshire Engagement Session for Carly + Evan

Well world, these are the last pictures from new sessions I’ll be posting for a little while to hopefully stop this virus spread through social distancing and the shut down of non-essential businesses. It’s rough out there with so much being unknown and I’m hopeful that with some diligent social distancing, we’ll be able to get back to our regularly scheduled program sooner rather than later!

With that said, I’m happy that my last new session for a little while features two incredible people and the time we spent at Great Island Common New Hampshire for their engagement session!

Carly + Evan have had me on the edge of my seat to meet because from our first call I found their energy to be so warm and there was this unique difference between them that I was so intrigued by.

Evan has this giant personality and is full of jokes and sarcasm and liberal use of swears. He’s the one who will get any party started, I know that without a doubt.

And then there’s Carly. Ohhhh Carly! She’s so sweet, kind, and full of care. She’s, without a doubt, the person you can call on in a time when you just need the support of a loving person who will make everything better. She’s easy-going and just soothing to talk to.

Needless to say I was SUPER bummed I couldn’t squeeze them upon meeting!

The rules changed the day before our session with social distancing being encouraged. but since they’d flown up from the Carolinas the night before, we didn’t want to cancel everything. In hindsight and with the better and clearer information we have now we probably would have held off – but at the time the information we were getting about coronavirus was still so much more played down.

Regardless, I’m happy to say that it has now been a few weeks since our session and the three of us are all healthy – phew!

We still worked to keep our distance and I’d loaded up with lenses that would allow me to still get that close up feeling without ACTUALLY being close to them and I’m thankful that we got to spend this time together out along the New Hampshire coastline because they made my heart so happy to be around.

The NH weather didn’t disappoint with some low hanging deep blue clouds and that wind that I love so damn much! Carly’s long hair was loose with a subtle wave to it and the wind moved it around so perfectly so I took advantage of that every moment that I could!

And a note to couples, colder weather isn’t that bad for sessions because it encourages the tight hugs and having your faces held close together so your breath warms one another up. With those beach breezes and early spring chill in the air, I was able to grab so many incredible moments with these two!

After our time together laughing, climbing rocks, and walking among the tall seagrasses we parted ways with a three-way boot tap to keep up with the social distancing – even though we were all itching to hug one another. It’s ok though, I’ll just plan to attack them with hugs on their September wedding day as long as we’re allowed to!

Carly + Evan, you two are the real deal! See you soon!

Whaleback Lighthouse NH in the background of the couple out on the rocks in New Castle NH

The wind whips the bride's hair into a frenzy in NH

He holds her tight on the cold spring day in NH while the winds and the ocean is all around them

He holds her tight on the cold spring day in NH while the winds and the ocean is all around them

In the chilly air the couple hold tight in the dying sea grass of the Great Island Common with a laugh

The engaged couple share a laugh together at their Portsmouth NH engagement session on a Spring day

The couple walks hand in hand on the rocky shores of the Great Island Common NH

The couple kiss with the dark blue sky and the rocks of Great Island Common NH all around them

The couple dance and have fun with the dark blue sky and the rocks of Great Island Common NH all around them

Close up of the engaged couple as the wind whips her hair around at the Great Island Common NH engagement session near Portsmouth

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