Southern Maine Wedding Photographer : Courtney + Alex

The day before Courtney and Alex’s Maine wedding day, I’d declared to Oscar that I was going to play some old school Kanye West on the car ride to them; it was our last wedding of the 2019 season and I was ready to go into the day with guns ablazing! And then the day of, in the wedding brain mindset that closes out everything else in the world, I forgot to get my music all queued up and it wasn’t until we were almost there that I realized I’d spaced on it.

I’m sure I made a crab face once I realized we wouldn’t have enough time to complete one song but I brushed it aside and sent Oscar on his way to the guys down the hall and I knocked on the door of Courtney’s room…and what sound greeted me? It was none other than Kanye West’s College Dropout playing over Courtney’s phone! It was perfect and I immediately got into the photo-taking groove.

While Oscar was over with Alex and his family and bonding over their excited realization that all of them are Latino and could speak Spanish with one another – and Oscar was seriously starting to fall for Alex and his brother big time because they felt like home to him – I was having a similar experience talking with Courtney and some of her friends who’d grown up in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio! Courtney herself went to the high school about 20 minutes away from mine and we had a lot of places we’d visit and hang out in common. Cleveland is a place that its residents (whether past or current) have a lot of pride in being from and it was so cool to feel that little piece of home in them and their slight mid-west accents :)

Their November wedding day was on the tail end of fall with cold air moving in quick and skies that couldn’t decide if they wanted to warm us up with sun peeking out through the clouds or daring us that it would rain – but they were ready for it all and as soon as the two had their first look where Alex (understandably) could not stop marveling over Courtney in her form-fitted lace gown, these two were happy to brave the outdoors as long as they had each other to hold close. And even though it was cold, the wedding party was also into being outside for Courtney’s hopes for the group photos and they hustled and lined up perfectly so we could return them inside to warm up for the ceremony.

Most of the trees had lost their leaves in southern Maine but with a sky that kept changing and fall decorated brick as well as my favorite backdrop of a stormy sky, we captured a bunch of photos of Courtney and Alex where the laughter and love made it so apparent that these two were meant to be. And if seeing these two interact with one another during their photos wasn’t enough to convince you that they are a perfect fit, listening to their vows and the toasts from their best friends would not only secure their relationship in your mind, but also let you know that these are incredibly good people that it’s nearly impossible to not feel admiration and love for them.

After Alex surprise serenaded Courtney (yes, ladies, yes he did) they opened up the dance floor and their guests came out in full force to party with them. I went up to a couple of guests and told them I’d rent them for all of my weddings to get the party started if I could haha!

Courtney + Alex, I loved getting to know you and meeting those that you hold close to your hearts. I wish you two all the best!

The bride gets her mom's necklace on while getting ready in Portsmouth NH

The bride gets her makeup done on the wedding day in her hotel

Both the mom and the bride sit to have their makeup done for the Portsmouth NH wedding day

Bridesmaid watches as the bride gets the finishing touches on her makeup

The groom gets ready for the wedding day in New Hampshire

The groom irons his shirt on his wedding day

Groomsman watches as everyone gets ready for the wedding day in Portsmouth New Hampshire

THe bride and her best friends all toast to her wedding day in New Hampshire

The bride excitedly opens a gift on her wedding day

The bride excitedly opens a gift on her wedding day

The bride and her mom hold one another before the wedding day starts in Maine

The bride watches as the groom arrives for their Maine wedding day

The bride and groom laugh as they enjoy seeing one another at the first look

The couple stand together on their fall wedding day at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm

The couple walks together on the grounds of the Red Barn at Outlook Farm in Maine

The bride and groom hold onto each other tight in the cold fall weather of Maine

The newlyweds laugh together in front of the Red Barn at Outlook Farm

The bride and groom get in close to keep each other warm on the cool fall wedding day in Maine

Holding onto one another tight as the storm clouds brew behind them on their Maine wedding day

The groom lovingly kisses the bride on their wedding day

The hands of a couple getting ready to say I Do

Beautiful Maine wedding day with the couple pictured against the stormy blue sky

The wedding party stands together at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm in Maine

The wedding party all get in close and celebrate the couple on their Maine Wedding day

The bride enters the ceremony by herself and looks radiant

The groom watches as the bride enters the ceremony and smiles

The bride smiles at her family as the wedding ceremony takes place

The groom laughs as he reads his vows to the bride at their wedding ceremony

The couple have an intimate night wedding in Maine

The bride laughs during the wedding ceremony in front of loved ones at their fall night wedding

The newlyweds excitedly walk back up the aisle after their Red Barn at Outlook Farm wedding ceremony

Maid of honor preps with her husband for her toast

The couple dances together at their Maine Wedding reception in a barn

The couple laughs at a good toast from their best friends

The couple laughs at a good toast from their best friends

The dance floor begins to heat up with guests in Maine

Dancing all classy on the wedding day in southern Maine

Little guests enjoying the dance floor at the southern Maine wedding

Little guests enjoying the dance floor at the southern Maine wedding

Guests get rowdy on the dance floor to some nasty songs at the southern Maine wedding day celebration

The dance floor begins to heat up with guests in Maine

Butt squeeze for the bride at her wedding reception

It's a party on the dance floor for a group of friends in southern Maine

The newlyweds are silhouetted against the deep blue southern Maine sky at their Red Barn at Outlook Farm wedding day

Southern Maine Wedding Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography (Oscar was my second!)
Ceremony & Reception: Red Barn at Outlook Farm in southern Maine
Officiant: Karla Firestone
Wedding Dress: Pronovias
DJ: Nu Image
Flowers: Flower Kiosk
Hair + Makeup: Vanity Hair Studio

Maine & New Hampshire wedding photographer, I AM SARAH V Photography, photographs events for wildly in love couples seeking an NH & Maine wedding photographer with a photojournalism & cinematic approach. You can see more of my work online at or on Instagram. I photograph many locations including being a southern Maine wedding photographer and I’d love to photograph your day too! If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me at

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