Award Winning Image from Migis Lodge Resort Wedding in Maine

I’m excited to have another award from the WPJA Photography Competitions! This one is from the beautiful Migis Lodge Resort wedding of Greta + Nick up on Sebago Lake in Maine.

Greta + Nick’s Maine wedding happened in October and while that time of year is full of colorful leaves, crisp air, and fireplaces – but this particular day was a liiiiiittle bit different. If you haven’t read the blog of if you are a frequent visitor to my corner of the web and have just forgotten, their wedding happened to fall on a day where a freak hurricane bustled up to Maine and brought icy snow and hail that not only meant people huddled around the fires a little closer, but that at one point, those fires became the only source of light when the power was cut just as the ceremony was about to begin!

Just as Nick started to walk down the aisle inside of one of the cabins since it was far too cold and wet to ask family and friends to sit lakeside for the ceremony, the lights and sound all abruptly cut out and we were all instantly enveloped in darkness. Migis Lodge was fast acting as was the DJ who’d brought a portable generator so he could still play music and amplify the microphones and while they rushed to get the ceremony going again, I rushed and arranged my lights so that while we worked in relative darkness, I was able to still photograph the heartfelt vows and not miss a beat myself.

This photo is from the point when the groomsmen all gathered close and beautifully sang a capella for the couple and I hustled up close to capture the feeling of the intimacy of their voices and the love they were showing for their two friends.

It was a brief song and I didn’t want to be intrusive to the guests who were enjoying the moment so I got down low, knew that my off camera flashes were illuminating the one groomsman perfectly so I composed my shot and waited for just the right moment where his face would be seen clearly and the other’s would mostly just be hands holding the music sheet – and then *click*!

I didn’t want the image to look overly bright and I didn’t want to be flashing my flash right up in their faces since I was already down low and that would have been super annoying for them – so I relied solely on the flashes I’d set up off camera which resulted in an image that really reflected the intimacy and the mood of this wonderful moment for the couple.

Thank you again to WPJA for the recognition and for anyone interested, feel free to take a look at my full profile on WPJA to see the rest of my award-winning images by heading HERE!

Migis Lodge Resort Wedding Photographer in Maine on Sebago Lake in October with the groomsmen singing a capella to the bride and groom

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