Linekin Bay Resort Wedding Photographer Wins Another Award!

Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists, journalists who were named photographer of the year, professors at prestigious colleges, photographers for papers like The Globe and the Toronto Sun – whew! That list of impressive photographers chose one of my Linekin Bay Resort wedding images as a winner in the Wedding Photojournalist Association’s contest!

Christina + Jeremy’s Boothbay wedding was full of so many great moments and a total “go with the flow” mentality all day long – combine that with their complete and utter willingness to let me in close and I wound up with some incredibly emotional photos from the day.

The one that won an award this time around was after we’d waited for the rain to let up so the couple could continue with the outdoor ceremony they’d planned for overlooking the ocean, but when it just seemed to be getting more intense and the time was getting further and further away from them, the couple called it and we moved into the reception lodge and set up camp for an indoor celebration. This spot has giant windows to the side that look out over the ocean, so they still got to bring in some of that outdoor vibe.

Christina’s mom is pictured here with her as she gives her daughter one last gentle touch on the arm before she’s officially married to Jeremy and you can see that her tears just couldn’t be held back any longer. And I love that Christina just smiles brightly and excitedly with her big beautiful bouquet of flowers before she goes to greet Jeremy at the end of the aisle.

It’s emotional and you can just feel how each of these women’s emotions – as well as those of the family and friends watching this quick tender moment. And that my friends is what it’s all about on wedding days for me – capturing that quick slice of time that can’t be recreated and can’t be faked – it’s just beautifully, honestly, REAL.

Once again, I’m so honored to be awarded by this amazing organization and to stand among a bunch of photographers I greatly admire. Thank you again to WPJA for the recognition! For anyone interested, feel free to take a look at my full profile on WPJA to see the rest of my award-winning images by heading HERE!

Linekin Bay Resort wedding tears from the mother of the bride and laughter from the bride during the ceremony

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