Portrait Session for Lust Cult & Amenti Oracle Artist Natalee Miller

Natalee Miller is the owner, creative force, and all around INSANELY talented artist behind the company Lust Cult. If you follow me on Instagram or if you’ve been in my home lately you’ll know that I purchase a TON of her artwork. Like double digits amounts of her artwork. And Oscar even has a couple in his office….And I have three more right now waiting to be framed. It’s a problem, but it’s a damn good problem to have.

She made her return to the art world not too long ago after a hiatus and she’s been taking the world by force with each new drawing she creates. Along the way we’ve become friends, worked on projects together (more on that soon!) and we joke that I am her defacto manager because I actually really, really want to be.

I love her, her style, her ability to draw women (she won’t draw guys unless something is really calling to her to do so – sorry, not sorry), her variety of styles and mediums for her work, and the fact that she creates non-stop because that’s what feeds her soul.

And on top of ALL of that? SHE’S GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL.

She doesn’t think so which is insane because she’s like a muse to me. I would photograph her a million times because she creates these characters, has these awesome ideas in mind, and she totally gets into the groove of whatever she’s looking to do.

I loved photographing her and we used just a small corner of her bedroom with my light setup squeezing in but we didn’t even need more room because she filled the creative space with her awesome-ness the entire time.

She’s launching the Amenti Oracle with her partner in this project Jennifer Sodini and from what I know about the two of them, this is going to be some art you will definitely want to get your hands on. They’re up for purchase on presale right now with the release just around the corner. These decks will be everywhere, I know it, and I couldn’t be happier for their success. Here’s a quick description of it:

From Jennifer Sodini, founder of the wildly popular conscious media platform Evolve and Ascend, and illustrator Natalee Miller, the Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book brings the wisdom of Ma’at — the ancient Egyptian concept of truth and balance — to the modern world. Tapping into the concept of having a heart “as light as a feather,” Amenti brings the esoteric teachings of Emerald Tablet and hermetic scholars to contemporary audiences.

Built around timeless ideals, including “I Am Humble” and “I Embrace the All,” these beautifully designed oracle cards feature 42 unique illustrations alongside bite-sized guidance for modern-day soul-seekers. The accompanying illustrated guidebook delves deeper into the meaning of the cards, as well as practical applications of Ma’at’s teachings and sample spreads for conducting readings.

This keepsake set features:
42 full-color oracle cards.
144-page, full-color illustrated flexibound guidebook.
Full-color illustrated keepsake box with magnetic closure and flocked tray to hold cards.

The photos we took of Natalee were for her press and artist photos and she said she didn’t want anything normal, in fact, she wanting something she called weird and like people would wonder if she was taking herself seriously…or if she was just bonkers. She wanted something that was a little retro glamour shots, a little bit 80’s or 90’s, and something that would look like no one else’s bio photo.

Mission Accomplished, my friend. I love your beautiful face and soul, Natalee!

I want to do MORE portraits this winter when I have lots more open time! If you want something fun, reach out and let’s do something awesome together!

Natalee Miller stuns in black and red in front of a rose gold tinsel wall for her portraits

Natalee Miller poses with flowers for her Portsmouth New Hampshire creative portrait shoot

The one on the right reminds me of that cool girl bitch in all the 80’s movies. Which I mean as one of the highest compliments ever!

Natalee Miller poses with flowers and a bright red leather jacket in her 80's inspired portrait shoot for Amenti Oracle and Lust Cult businesses

Natalee Miller channels that 70's vibe for her portraits for Lust Cult and Amenti Oracle

After the tinsel set I told her I wanted to play around and I made her dance and rock that awesome profile for me.

Natalee Miller dances for her portrait shoot in Portsmouth New Hampshire for Lust Cult and Amenti Oracle

Natalee Miller feels the 80s vibe for her creative portrait shoot in Portsmouth New Hampshire

Natalee Miller stands out in silhouette in front a pink wall for her creative portraits for Amenti Oracle and Lust Cult

Natalee Miller has a rich 80's and 90's vibe for her Portsmouth New Hampshire portrait session

Natalee Miller stands out against a bright pink wall for her creative portraits

Natalee Miller throws her hair around for her silhouetted portrait session

Natalee Miller laughs at the naysayers for her Amenti Oracle and Lust Cult portrait session

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