Rye, New Hampshire Elopement Photographer: Stacy + Dave

There is absolutely nothing more romantic to me than a couple who’ve decided to steal away for the day – just the two of them – to elope in New Hampshire under a canopy of trees with a view to the quiet retreating waves of an ocean at low tide. Odioirne Point State Park was the perfect outdoor location for their day with the shore along Seacoast Science Center and Rye to decorate their weddings backdrop.

They booked an oceanfront hotel to get ready side by side in, dressed to the nines, carried a bucket full of ice and champagne, and rented a limo to drive us around the quiet late October coast of New Hampshire.

She stunned me the second she stepped into the hotel lobby with her long wavy blonde in a gorgeous lace detailed dress that couldn’t have suited her better. She’s an animal lover like me so attached to their champagne bucket was a wooden ornament painted to look like her sweet kitty Max so he too could join his parents on their wedding day.

He couldn’t have been more gentle with her, always carefully holding her hand or the train of her dress as we climbed across the rocks, and walked in the wooded parts of the coast. He’d lean his forehead gently against hers looking deep into her eyes before squeezing her tight and pulling her close for a kiss.

The ceremony was something out of a dream with the sun starting to reach the edge of the horizon so it’s golden hue filtered through the late fall trees that surrounded them. Both of them softly cried while holding hands and making lifelong promises to one another.

They had me by their side for three hours and since it was an elopement we got this abundance of time to focus on just the two of them so we traveled in their limo to one beautiful spot to another. They walked in the bog the low tide revealed and climbed on the rocks; and they were down for anything which made my heart soar.

I love elopements, I love their heart, and I love the emotion and depth I get to witness when two people decide to marry with just their favorite person in the world.

Congratulations Stacy and Dave, I couldn’t have been happier to photograph your most beautiful wedding day and I wish you the very best!

NH Elopement with the couple smiling and holding onto each other lovingly at Wentworth by the Sea

The bride heads to the limo at Wentworth By The Sea

She puts on makeup and he takes a sip of champagne before they start their NH elopement

Bride and groom snuggle close next the the coastal New Hampshire beach

Bride and groom hold each other tight in Rye NH

New Hampshire Elopement in Odiorne Point Park where the bride and groom have their ceremony under the canopy of trees

Rye NH sets the backdrop for their elopement where they hold hands and say their vows to one another under the forest trees

The bride smiles warmly before they elope in New Hampshire

The bride smiles at the groom while they elope in Rye NH

The bride tears up as the couple elopes in NH

The bride and groom are officially married in New Hampshire

The bride and groom laugh in one another's arms by the Seacoast Science Center in Rye NH

The bride and groom look lovingly into one another's eyes at their Seacoast Science Center wedding in NH

The newly eloped NH couple in Rye NH

The bride and groom stand in the woods by Seacoast Science Center after their New Hampshire elopement

NH Elopement photographer in Odiorne Point State Park where the newly married couple hold hands in the warm sun surrounded by trees

The bride and groom hold each other close in the woods just as the sun is starting to set on their elopement

The groom helps the bride with her wedding dress as they walk through the woods at during their NH elopement

New Hampshire Elopement with the couple standing in the woods at Odiorne Point State Park with the sun setting behind them on their wedding day

The groom kisses the top of the bride's head

The beautiful bride in Odiorne Point State Park on her wedding day

The bride stands in front of the sea grass in her detailed wedding gown in Rye NH

The detail on the bride's wedding gown

The bride and groom stand in front of the beach grass in Odiorne Point State Park in NH

Newlyweds embrace one another on their elopement day

The groom leans in to kiss his new wife at their NH elopement

The bride walks out in the sea grass on her wedding day

New Hampshire Elopement Photographer the bride and groom smile warmly at one another in Rye NH

The local plant life on their fall elopement

New Hampshire Elopement Photographer the newlyweds stand on the rocky shore with  Wentworth by the Sea in the background

New Hampshire Elopement by the Seacoast Science Center the couple kisses on the rocky coastline on their wedding day

The bride buries her head in her husband's chest

A silhouette of the newlyweds against a sunset sky on their New Hampshire wedding day

The bride and groom dance on the docks at Wentworth by the Sea with the boats and sailboats behind them as the sun disappears

The newlyweds are lit by the lights on the dock at Wentworth by the Sea after they elope

Husband and wife kiss on the docks on the night of their NH elopement

Maine & New Hampshire elopement photographer, I AM SARAH V Photography, photographs events for wildly in love couples seeking a NH & Maine elopement photographer with a photojournalism & cinematic approach. You can see more of my work online at www.iamsarahv.com or on Instagram. I photograph in many locations including being a Rye New Hampshire elopement photographer. If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me at hello@iamsarahv.com

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  1. Amazing pictures! Lovely coulpe :)

  2. Such an emotion in your photographs!
    I love the way you capture the moments!