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I am a fan of the holidays. A BIG ONE. Although I will admit that I loathe air travel on the holidays. After over 10 years of living far away from my family and making the cross country trek each time, I have come to really be worn down by the flight delays and cancellations, […]

Holidays at The Nine // NH Wedding Photographer

It is HOT outside. Like drippy, gross, smelly pits, swamp-butt HOT. I was on my way to a shoot last night (more on that soon – it was an awesome sunset High School Senior shoot with a super cool girl) and I saw these kids hanging out over the bridge jumping into the water. I […]

Beat the Heat // Portsmouth, NH Photographer

Oof, my previous Bailey-Boo post took it out of me, but after the love that I received from a few other fellow animal lovers, it made me feel ok that I shared this story about my boy. And as my friend Laura requested, I will continue to post fun pictures I find of him from […]

Meet Mr. Otis Gray

Warning: Long post up ahead At the end of this past summer as I was in the middle of my mission to FINALLY do a blog challenge and blog at least one picture for 30 days straight (and I was actually doing it, amazing), I couldn’t ignore this gut feeling that something wasn’t right. I […]

Mr. Bailey Boo Radley – King of Dover, NH

On August 11th, one month ago today, I married my very best friend on the outer rung of a private lighthouse overlooking the sea. We were joined only by our phenomenal photographer, Janeen (based in Berkley, California and is also a dear friend of mine) and our officiant Danielle, Janeen’s wonderful girlfriend, who created an […]

Day FOURTEEN // We’re married!

We went to a wedding this weekend and I forgot that months ago I, as a joke, filled out our response card in a goofy way until we went to go look for our table number. When I found ours, I busted out laughing and ran over to the bride to tell her how amazing […]

Day THIRTEEN // Hot Stuff



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