Primo Restaurant in Rockland Maine Wedding Photographer for Amy + Ryan

UPDATE: Boston Weddings Magazine featured theis wedding in their printed magazine, head over to this blog post to see more!

Photographing this Primo Restaurant wedding in Rockland Maine was an absolute honor for Amy + Ryan’s intimate wedding. I have a thing for strong women, which means I have a thing for most of us! I’m constantly awed by these women who are deeply caring friends, devoted mothers, intelligent hard workers, multi-taskers, and odds-beating fighters so when I get to photograph them, I find myself instantly enamored – and Amy is most certainly one of them.

There’s something about the brides I’ve photographed who are recent mothers that’s so incredible to me. I’m sure not all brides who have weathered the first few months of being a mom and are gearing up for a wedding at the same time are as laid back and so perfectly in the moment as the ones I’ve photographed have been, but somehow I just keep hitting the lottery!

And truth be told, I’d completely understand if the stress was just too much and they just said “ehhhh, you know what, I’m not going to do this” because I feel like I’d be over it and most likely also be a wreck, but these women keep coming into my life showing me time and time again just how much fortitude women have. And they don’t make it look easy or like it’s a walk in the park – they just go with the flow of the day, never seeming to sweat the small stuff and any stress they may have had about the event simply dissipates.

They move through each moment being completely present, not caring if something is a little bit off or if the dress isn’t 100% perfect (I’ll never forget Liz whose wedding dress was MISSING for 45 minutes and she was all, “whatever, my bridesmaid’s dress is off-white, I’ll just wear that and she can wear the spare one she brought” – and then the dress was actually found in some random closet at the ceremony location. She. Never. Broke. A. Sweat.) and instead, they enjoy the time with friends, laugh at the rain, shrug off last minute changes, hold tight to their beautiful child, and wrap themselves in their husband’s arms.

Amy was all of that and more. She was grace, strength, love, and 100% beautiful. The time I spent with her was wonderful and her new husband Ryan was just as relaxed as she was.

They made sure the day was suited to them and chose to forgo anything that didn’t fit with their vision so that meant that instead of having a wedding party they just spent the morning with friends getting ready together, they skipped the first dance and any of the reception formalities and instead went for one of the most delicious spots for food by having a beautiful sit down dinner at Primo in Rockland, Maine with lavender and lace-covered tables, Edison bulbs hanging from the rafters and lush flowers and copper centerpieces decorating the space.

And can I just repeat that Primo makes the most delicious food ever? Because, damn they do! Taylor, Amy and Ryan’s awesome wedding coordinator, told me to be sure to grab dinner on the way out saying that if I didn’t, I would regret it. So after I loaded up my car, the staff brought me the most delicious vegetarian dinner I’ve ever had in my life. EVER. They grow a lot of their own food on site (and you can see the level of care they take in the plants surrounding the restaurant and barn – it’s beautiful!!) and it’s no surprise that their chef is award winning because the meal was not only so incredibly good, it was all things that I’ve never even had before. So creative, so perfectly spiced, and everyone on staff was absolutely amazing as well. Can’t say enough good things about them!

So Amy and Ryan did the day right: the celebrated in a way that felt true to them, they looked incredible, and most importantly, they had a great time doing it.

Amy and Ryan, I loved photographing the three of you (little one has to be included in that count!) at your beautiful Primo Restaurant wedding in Rockland Maine and I wish you all the very best!

The bride gets her hair done on her wedding day

The bride gets ready for the wedding in Rockland Maine

The bride does her makeup while her daughter watches on at the Captain Lindsey Inn in Rockland Maine

Amy wanted to pump before heading to the ceremony and I thought I’d give her privacy so I photographed her daughter getting ready with Amy’s mom until one of her best friends popped over and said, “Would you be willing to grab a photo of Amy pumping quick? It’s so ‘real life’ and I think it’d be great to get a picture of it.” If you know me, you know I live for photographing all of the real moments so I when I walked in the room and saw Amy applying her makeup in front of her dress while pumping for her daughter my heart soared.

I love this moment so much and not only for the real-life aspect of it but also because I truly feel that this is an absolutely stunning moment because it shows just how incredible women, and our bodies, are. This is definitely one of my top favorite photos I’ve taken. Thank you, Amy for being open with me in this moment and for letting me share this on my site <3

Bride pumps for her newborn daughter on her wedding day while applying makeup

Grandma admires her granddaughter

Grandma gets her granddaughter ready for the wedding at the Captain Lindsey Inn

The welcome sign for the guests at Primo in Rockland Maine

Guests get ready for the wedding ceremony

Primo Restaurant wedding in Maine on the grass with the bride and her father coming down the aisle at the ceremony

The bride and groom exchange rings at their Primo Restaurant wedding in Rockland Maine

The newlyweds come back up the aisle after being officially married at Primo

Bride and groom hold each other in front of the farm at Primo Restaurant

Bride and groom toast on the farm at Primo Restaurant in Rockland Maine

Bride and groom get close together at Primo Restaurant

The bride and her gorgeous farm flowers at her wedding reception

Bride and groom hold each other in front of the farm at Primo Restaurant

The wedding reception at the barn at Primo Restaurant

Chickens saunter all around the property and I love them! The one on the right was trying to steal my food when I walked away to grab something to drink <3 So cute!!

Chicken on the grounds of Primo Restaurant

The decorations and table setting at Primo Restaurant in Rockland Maine

Bride and groom come into their wedding reception at the barn at Primo Restaurant

Bride kisses her daughter at the entry of the barn at her Primo Restaurant wedding in Rockland

Bride and groom kiss their daughter at their wedding reception at Primo Restaurant

Primo Restaurant Wedding Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Ceremony & Reception: Primo Restaurant
Coordinator: Black Bow Events
Band: White Cat Events
Dress: BHLDN
Flowers: Field Floral Studio
Cake:Primo Restaurant
Catering:Primo Restaurant
Hair: Sogno Salon
Ceremony Musicians: The High Spirits

Maine & New Hampshire wedding photographer, I AM SARAH V Photography, photographs events for wildly in love couples seeking an NH & Maine wedding photographer with a photojournalism & cinematic approach. You can see more of my work online at or on Instagram. I photograph many locations including being a Primo Restaurant wedding photographer in Rockland Maine and I would enjoy photographing your day too! If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me at

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