Dockside Guest Quarters Wedding Photographer Wins Wedding Photojournalism Award

An award-winning image from Bri + Justin’s Dockside Guest Quarters wedding in York, Maine – yay! I never would have known prior to this, but on the day of their wedding, their day was just what I would need as a photographer.

I needed to photograph the stunning Bri in her flowy tulle dress that she spun around in more times than I can remember. I needed to be around this woman who just so openly cares and loves everyone – from the closest of family to the staff at the restaurant, she was always very welcoming, thankful, and appreciative. I needed the busy-ness of Justin’s family as they laughed and celebrated together. I’m so happy that I got to experience it, photograph it, and be a part of it.

In this image, Justin’s family was in the middle of an intimate tea ceremony – a custom in Chinese culture as a symbol of respect for the two families and a symbol of the marriage between the couple. They wanted the ceremony to be intimate so we stole away from the cocktail hour and packed into the Bridal suite to begin.

I love photographing cultural traditions because they always have such wonderful meaning and story to them. I’ve photographed days that are rich in every spot with customs and traditions (like Paula + Marc’s Greek Orthodox wedding) and days where the couple brings in just a few traditions, like Bri + Justin, and each time I’ve had the chance to photograph them, I’ve loved it.

There’s just something about it all – the ritual and the history.

So as Bri + Justin knelt before parents, aunts, and uncles and offered them tea in exchange for well wishes and gifts, I was moving around finding the best angle to tell the story of teacups exchanging hands and the couple being showered with love. The room was full of bustling family and quickly I saw that if I moved behind the family who was seated and accepting the tea, I could tell a story with family in the foreground and the focus on the newlyweds kneeling at their feet.

It was at that moment that the couple – who’d braved loss of air conditioning in the stifling heat, gone through the hustle of the day, and worked through the usual wedding day speedbumps – briefly leaned against one another after passing tea and shared a laugh before continuing on with the ceremony that I clicked the shutter.

It was just a quick moment in the day, but it tells so much about that time where we ran up to the suite and Justin’s family welcomed this amazing woman into their world. I just love it and I’m so glad I was quick on my feet and at an angle that would freeze this moment in time.

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Thank you once again to WPJA for recognizing my work and awarding me second place for this image! I love being a part of this insane list of talented wedding photographers.

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Dockside Guest Quarters wedding in York Maine officially wins an award in the WPJA contest

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