Happy Valentine’s Day! // NH Wedding Photographer

Oscar and I have never been big Valentine’s Day people and today we woke up with piles of slushy oatmeal snow/rain so the morning was super lovey with Oscar snow blowing away in the driveway ;) To make up for it though, I bought us coffee and donuts (aka: great excuse to have coffee and donuts) and then off we went to do our work for the day!

For some reason growing up I never really got into the Valentine’s Day she-bang and was perfectly content with a card from my parents and some candy on the side. Sometimes my dad would go all out and get us ladies one big ole flower arrangement that he would bring home after work because he is an awesome guy. I just didn’t do the big dinners with boyfriends or the diamond jewelry…I GUESS I JUST EXPECT THAT EVERY DAY (hahaha, I kid, I kid).

BUT with all of that said, I do love that people enjoy this holiday and that it gives us a gentle reminder to tell those around us how much we appreciate one another. I think it’s wonderful that to have a day that is dedicated to showering your significant other with love, surprises and a little bit of pampering and I know that many couples look forward to this day and get into the spirit which is very cool. Maybe it’s because my love of Christmas is so over the top that I don’t have enough time to recover to celebrate Valentine’s Day :D

With that said though, I do want to announce to the world that I am so lucky to have a husband that I completely adore, a guy who makes me laugh non-stop, supports me whole heartedly in my journey of photography, who cares for our kitty babies as if he was their biological dad, hugs me even when I’m a crab apple, cares for my family and friends just as much as I do and is an all around wonderful human being. Thank you, Oscar for being my husband and for loving me the way you do, I am so lucky for that.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! No matter how you celebrate it (or if you don’t at all), I hope you have a great day and I wish you tons of love! If you didn’t get a Valentine’s card today, choose one from the pictures below to be the one from me to you – sorry for the TV humor in a lot of these, but they were too hard to resist xxoo






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