Cape Arundel Inn Wedding Photographer : Intimate Kennebunkport Maine Wedding

An intimate Cape Arundel Inn wedding right on the ocean in Kennebunkport Maine is just what I needed for this late October day. The couple invited their families and a few of their close friends to join them for a ceremony overlooking the water as the sun set behind the Inn and then an intimate dinner where they could all sit together to have a delicious meal after enjoying time talking and playing games by the fire.

And let’s not forget four of the most important guests: Lana + Michael’s kids. I loved that the two of them were not only relaxed about their celebration in general and chose many ways to fine-tune the day to their personal desires, but they also continued that with their kids which made it a hell of a lot more fun for them too! They were allowed to have a couple friends to join them and they got to also choose what they wore on the day of – and you could tell that there weren’t a bunch of expectations and obligations they had to worry about. Since they’re all teenagers, I could tell this vibe was very welcomed.

Lana got ready with her best friend from high school while the two daughters popped in and out all morning (side note: she also insisted paying for her best friend get some eyelashes put on when she saw how awesome they looked on her and then offered up flowers for the girls in their hair which they all loved getting something unique for the style they’d chosen) and from laughing at Michael getting ready for the first look a whole hour early (thankfully Lana’s daughter saw him standing by himself where I’d told him to be later and she ran down and told him he was waaaaay too early) to tearing up once she realized the ceremony was just around the corner, it was so laid back and yet still had those bubbles of excitement.

And Lana? Not only is her outward appearance beautiful, but more so than that, she has a heart and personality that absolutely shines. She’s so clearly the type of person that you feel lucky to have in your life and she makes sure everyone around her is comfortable, cared for, and seen – which also included me. I pride myself on being a good read of people and from moment one, I knew she was one of the good ones that the world needs more of.

So while Lana was hanging with the girls, Michael was a bundle of nerves in the room down the hall! I loved that he was so excited to marry her and from worrying about what tie to wear out of the few he brought, as well as needing a little alone time to calm his nerves, you could absolutely tell that this man not only loves her but he was ready to be in her presence and seal the deal. His smile lights up his whole face and man did it do that when they had their first look!

If you’re a long-time reader you know that I thrive the most in the smaller intimate weddings and this day certainly fit into that category. While their day had around 40 guests so it wasn’t an elopement, it was just the right size for them to be able to spend time with every person who joined them and I could tell that having that amount of people was a perfect match for the celebration they wanted to have and for who they are as people.

Lana + Michael didn’t want something that was a lot of moving pieces and instead they chose one beautiful location to have everything from getting ready to after dinner drinks in, and then let the rest of the pieces fall right into place to fill out the day. Having less to worry about means less stress for the couple which tends to also mean that they are very present in each moment and I can really get in there and get the photos that make my heart happy.

After the ceremony from my favorite officiant, Erika Hewitt (honestly, she puts so much heart and love into her ceremonies and has the greatest personality), I ran off with the couple to a spot out on the rocks for some photos of the two of them.

I was unsure about how comfortable they’d be out on the rocks so I gave them a couple of options and Lana just turned to me and asked where I felt would be best and was said, “let’s do it!” She kicked off her shoes and started the walk to the rock area I’d ideally wanted them to head to – no hesitations or anything. Michael helped her down and held onto her tight as well as making sure I was careful and warned me about where I was standing too and while it was a little tricky, we were able to fulfill their hopes of getting some photos out on the water before the sun went down for the day.

So all that was left was some photos of guests before they were seated for dinner (which Cape Arundel Inn was awesome and offered a few times to feed me as well – even offering some snacks if I wanted them which is always so awesome to just feel that you are cared about on that end too!) and then off into the night I went while the couple spent the rest of their wedding day with their close intimate circle of friends.

I’m so thankful that I was brought on to photograph this wedding, days like these make me feel so very excited about what I do and then to have some incredible vendor partners alongside me? All the better!

Lana + Michael, I wish you and your kids all the best. Thank you for coming into my life and allowing me to be in your presence on this day of yours!

Bride gets into her wedding day makeup inside her room at Cape Arundel Inn

Bride smiles at her daughter while her wedding day starts In Maine

Bride hugs her friend goodbye as she heads out to get into her wedding dress

Bride tears up while her daughter and her talk on the wedding day in Maine

Bride and the daughters sit together in their room as they get ready for the Maine wedding day to start

Daughter gets her hair done on her dad's wedding day

Bride and her daughter get her into her dress for the day's wedding celebration

Last minute makeup touch-ups for the bride on her wedding day

First look for the bride and groom out on the front lawn of Cape Arundel Inn in Maine

First look for the bride and groom out on the front lawn of Cape Arundel Inn in Maine

Guests greet one another on the intimate wedding day

Kids play a game of chess before the wedding day begins

A game of checkers before the wedding day begins

The bride and groom enter the wedding ceremony together in Maine

The bride is illuminated as the sun starts to go down on the Maine wedding day

The children of the bride and groom watch the wedding ceremony taking place

Erika Hewitt officiates the Kennebunkport Maine wedding day

Erika Hewitt officiates the Kennebunkport Maine wedding day

The bride and groom laugh as they exchange wedding rings as the sun sets

The newlyweds return back up the aisle after the intimate wedding celebration in Maine

The bride and groom stand in front of the ocean as the sun sets behind them in Kennebunkport Maine

The bride's intricate dress detail as she heads down to the rocks on her wedding day

The groom fixes the bride's hair while out on the rocky Maine shores

The couple stand in front of the Atlantic Ocean in Maine as the sun goes down on their wedding day

The newlyweds laugh during portraits on their Cape Arundel Inn wedding day

The newlyweds cuddle close on the rocks after their Cape Arundel Inn wedding day in Kennebunkport Maine

Husband and wife share a laugh after their Maine Wedding Day

Husband and wife share a laugh after their Maine Wedding Day

Cape Arundel Inn sign on the couple's wedding day at night

The dinner setting for the newlyweds and their guests at their Cape Arundel Inn wedding day celebration

Guests excitedly congratulate the newlyweds inside Cape Arundel Inn after their Maine wedding day

Newlyweds embrace on the rocks in Kennebunkport Maine by Cape Arundel Inn

Cape Arundel Inn Wedding Photographer: I AM SARAH V Photography
Ceremony & Reception: Cape Arundel Inn in Kennebunkport Maine
Officiant: Erika Hewitt (the best ceremonies are with Erika)
Wedding Dress: BHLDN
Flowers: Minka Flowers
Hair + Makeup: Bei Capelli
Dinner: Cape Arundel Inn in Kennebunkport Maine
Cake: Cake Elizabeth Cakes
Musician: Pete Kilpatrick

Maine & New Hampshire wedding photographer, I AM SARAH V Photography, photographs events for wildly in love couples seeking an NH & Maine wedding photographer with a photojournalism & cinematic approach. You can see more of my work online at or on Instagram. I photograph many locations including being a Cape Arundel Inn wedding photographer in Kennebunkport Maine and I would enjoy photographing your day too! If you’d like to contact me directly, please email me at

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