Dover New Hampshire Engagement Session : Kate + Tyler

Where do I even BEGIN with these two?? Do I start with the stories Oscar used to tell me about this super funny guy named Tyler that he works with and how he would definitely fit in with our crew?

Or do I start with the first time I met him and it was after one of the toughest parts of my adult life so I was a teary messy mess of a human and he hugged me, made me laugh (and probably threw in the comment, “Dirty!!” in that hysterical husky voice he does) and I knew this was someone who was going to be in our lives for the long haul.

Maybe it’s better to start with the first time Oscar and I met Kate when she and Tyler came to our house and she brought gifts of a cheeseball in the shape of a football and from moment one of getting to know her I was like, “this girl right here? I LOVE HER.”

Or maaaaaaybe we can talk about the haunted house adventure where we spent two hours in line avoiding the chainsaw wielding monsters and laughing so hard at points that I seriously thought I’d never make it through the line without peeing my pants. Let’s just say that Kate can make incredible shadow creatures that’ll make you snort-laugh and Tyler will somehow look like he’s modeling when the SURPRISE! cameras go off and someone jumps out at you in the middle of the dark forest while the rest of us look like terrorized children.

But then there’s the cookouts, the dinners, the time when Tyler (who is way too tall for his own good) couldn’t stop talking about how when he held my shoes it looked like he was holding baby shoes (I may be way too short for my own good), and Kate told stories about being ghosted by Tyler the first time they dated and I couldn’t stop laughing at the I N C R E D I B L E facial expressions she was giving.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there isn’t a good place to start because I have so much love for these two people who over the past couple of years have become this amazing addition to Oscar and I’s world.

We’ve shared both really hard times and really wonderful times with them and these two people are definitely the type that once you see them together, you know instantly that they are made one another.

She gets him in ways I never thought any human would (juuuuust kidding Tyler…but you are a lunatic…and I love it) and he just absolutely and without a doubt adores her. I know that their forever will be spent laughing and loving and that both of them have this beautiful safe world to spend together.

I get to photograph their wedding next February in Philadelphia and if this Dover New Hampshire engagement session is any indication, you can bet that there is going to be a million and one good times with their gorgeous faces at the center of it all.

Kate and Tyler, I love you two and I love your love. LET’S GET YOU MARRIED!!!!

The newly engaged couple laughs and walks in a sunny field in New Hampshire

The bride gives the groom a piggyback ride while he eggs her on in New Hampshire

The groom spins the bride around in Dover New Hampshire field

Fun and goofy engagement shoot outdoors in Seacoast NH

She laughs as he picks her up at their NH engagement session

A face squeeze and bite from a fun and excited couple in Dover NH

She looks up at him lovingly for their outdoor engagement photos

The couple laughs while sitting close together near Portsmouth NH

She squeezes his face tight and laughs with him for their engagement photos

The couple can't stop laughing together while taking their engagement photos in NH

Laying in the grass for their engagement session in Dover NH

She looks up at him lovingly for their outdoor engagement photos

They're getting married and they aren't afraid to shout it to the world

A big hug at the end of their engagement session in Dover New Hampshire

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