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She has an air of calm about her. She exudes patience and has this built in ability to look at the world and always recognize the beauty and the good. She’s protective, she’s loving, she’s stoic, she’s everything a child asks for in a mother – and soon, a child will be welcomed into this […]

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.” William Makepeace Thackeray Quite a few years ago now, I photographed Gabrielle + Sarah as they stood in front of the ocean with a distant thunderstorm passing through and said their vows to one another. Since that time, life has moved […]

Hello world, I’d like you to meet my cousin Angie. She’s in college in Mexico City right now studying to be a Space Architect. Yes you read that right, this little human wants to help design the home of our future. Angie and I both have a love for outer space; it just seems dreamy, […]

Whenever I photograph families I always go more along the line of photographing them as they are. Less posing, less direction – more watching, more letting things unfold naturally. And I have love love loved the photos that came out of those sessions more than the sessions where they are all posed or set up. […]

It seems like yesterday I was over at Liz’s house photographing her newborn daughter the first few days they returned home with Anna but really she is now three (!!) and just a few days ago I was hustling over there again to get photos of their newest family member, Alex! Alex was due to […]

We keep having little glimpses of summer around here and I have been loving having the front screen door open to let the fresh air in and driving around listening to good music with the windows down (yes, I sing loudly – BEAUTIFULLY – to my jams and yes, I turn it down and act […]

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