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There are a few things in life I cannot talk about because I get far too upset about it when I do, the top two items on that list are 1) talking about having to live life without my parents being alive and well and 2) pretty much anything to do with abusing animals, slaughtering […]

We keep having little glimpses of summer around here and I have been loving having the front screen door open to let the fresh air in and driving around listening to good music with the windows down (yes, I sing loudly – BEAUTIFULLY – to my jams and yes, I turn it down and act […]

The weather is getting warmer (finally!) and my camera is excited to be breathing the fresh air again. I stole Oscar on a sunny Friday evening to take some photos in Dover, NH to kick off the weekend. So essited to be outside with a t-shirt and jeans on!!

I stepped out of my comfort zone to do something I love to do: learn. I wasn’t much of a student in high school but when I took a break from schooling and then made the return to college a few years later, I had a whole new respect for it and my thirst to […]

Oscar and I have never been big Valentine’s Day people and today we woke up with piles of slushy oatmeal snow/rain so the morning was super lovey with Oscar snow blowing away in the driveway ;) To make up for it though, I bought us coffee and donuts (aka: great excuse to have coffee and […]

I am a fan of the holidays. A BIG ONE. Although I will admit that I loathe air travel on the holidays. After over 10 years of living far away from my family and making the cross country trek each time, I have come to really be worn down by the flight delays and cancellations, […]

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