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I just want to get it out there that Ashley lives WAAAAAY too far away from me because I would like to make her my friend for life and it’s hard to do that when she lives many many states away from me. She is the coolest and I completely understand why she has a […]

Kellie + Jason married a couple years ago up in the mountains of New Hampshire and I was the lucky girl who got to photograph it – fast forward a couple years and here we are again meeting up in a field on the Dover, New Hampshire and Durham, New Hampshire line to take some […]

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and I spent a lot of my high school years, and a couple years after that before I moved to New Orleans, hanging out with my friend Craig. He’s a man obsessed with late nights (there were MANY times where he’d make me pull all nighters with him where […]

With a spring that was consistently bringing in day after day of rain and never quite warming up enough to have windows open instead of portable heaters running, I was growing restless. REALLY restless. Shoot after shoot was being pushed to later in the season because of the chill, and while I itched to get […]

brumous: adj. /ˈbruːməs/ filled with fine particles – as in dust or water – in suspension ; foggy When you’ve been through a lot of both wonderful and trying experiences as a couple, you tend to not let anything that would resemble an obstacle interfere with the love you have for one another. So while […]

When I saw an email this past fall telling me I made a list called “Best Wedding Photographers to Follow” in the US I was perplexed and thought this must be some sort of spammy joke trying to get me to buy something. So I rolled my eyes, made a little snort and said to […]

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